YouTuber calls me a scammer

This guy.

So, to understand this… he was commenting on a YouTube video I made called, The Fastest Way to Learn PHP. In it, I lay out the case for maybe spending a few buqs here and there to help learn all this stuff faster.

So, here’s what he said:

“lame. if time is muney, i’d rather spend time than muney. it is more freely available…”

We went back and forth a bit…

Me just trying to help a lost brotha out..

At one point he even said:

“i’d rather spend 10 hours than 10 dollars”


And, he finished up with:

“i just know a guy trying to scam muney when I see one”

(Tell that to all the people who’ve loved my PHP course… but I digress.)

Now, I hope to you it’s clear how idiotic this is.

But, let’s forget the cliche “time is muney” thing for a second. Just think about this logically. Take lil ol’ me for a second. When I started out freelancing, I charged 25/hour. You take that times 10 and you get 250 buqs. Even in just a simple black and white comparison, wasting 10 hours to save 10 buqs makes no sense.

But, more to his point…

That right now he has loads of time…

And, not much muney.

Guess what?

There’s a reason why.

I did a podcast on this a few years back… but you have to step back a second and ask yourself, why am I still in the “learning” part of this… and not in the “making muney doing it” part? One big reason why is all the time we waste chasing “freeeeeee”.

How much faster could you master those skills?

How much sooner could you be doing this for a living?

And, how much more free time would you then have?

If you eliminated all the time you wasted searching YouTube or Google for tutorials, or taking a tutorial only to realize later it was wrong or out of date, or racking your brain just trying to figure out WHAT you need to learn.

THAT is the point.

And, you can take a moment…

Be honest…

And assess that for yourself.

And, see what you think.

But, ya know…

I don’t expect ol’ boy to understand that.

These know-it-all types tend to already having everything figured out.

Matter of fact, it seems a lot of developers don’t seem to get it. That, sometimes, there are opportunities where you can trade a little bit of muney for huge chunks of time. And, if you take advantage of those opportunities, you can be doing this for a living much faster than you imagined.

I mean hell, I’ve talked about Chris Sean before.

He was student who went from knowing nothing about web development to landing a PHP developer job (making 45k/year) in 3 months. Or my little brother, who went from broke and living on my couch to 6-figs in about a year and a half.

All just from having an open mind…

Cutting out all the wasted time…

And, investing in themselves a bit.

I’m not saying to spend a bazillion buqs or anything.

But 10 buqs here, 15 there… it adds up.

Anyway, if you’re one of the few smart people who can see what I’m saying here, there’s one such opportunity available now. Udemy is doing one of its 10 buq deals where you can get most of their 30,000+ courses for just 10 buqs. It’s an opportunity to trade a little bit of muney for a huge chunk of time (and effort).

Do what you want, but if you want in here’s the link:

But, whatever you do…

Take a moment a look at all the time you might be wasting and look for opportunities to make those trades… to get those chunks of time and effort for just a few buqs here and there. You just might be surprised how fast you get to where you wanna go.



P.S. Watch the video version of this message here:

Listen to the audio version here:

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Oliver Wainwright

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Michael Skye

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Aaron Gott

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