You can’t neglect the VERY thing that is the solution to your “not enough time” problem


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I hear this all the time from freelancers:

John, I WANT to start a blog or I WANT to start making YouTube videos, but I’m so busy with my 9-5 job and my client work on the side… I just don’t have the time to promote my freelance services.

This is cutting of your nose to spite your face.




Social media.

That IS the solution to your time problem. Because, it’s how you’ll get MORE clients, higher-paying clients… and how you’ll be able to leave your 9-5 job. Which will free up an enormous amount of time.

So, you really have to bite the bullet.

Suck it up for a few months or years.

And, set aside 1-2 hours/day to do some kind of promotion.

And, it almost doesn’t matter what.

Something is better than nothing. As the infamous Gary Vee says, 1 > 0. Anything you do will be better than the nothing you’re doing now. And then, if you just stuck with it until you get a little good at it.

Sky’s the limit.

And, here’s the really big secret with all this.

Most people are terrified to do it.

They’re so scared of what other people will think..

They’ll NEVER do it.

Be willing just to DO it is literally the difference.

I really hope that impacts you and convinces you to get out there and start producing something to promote your freelance services and get off that day job grind. Because nothing happens until you act.

In any case, if you wanna learn how I create content and product my products and services, check out my upcoming course, Content Marketing for Freelancers, here:



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