Write For My Blog

If you’re wanting to post your article on my blog, read this carefully. I’m willing to work with you, but only in very specific circumstances.

The first thing to know is I get a LOT of these kinds of requests. And, I’m not interested in turning my blog into an advertising medium for someone else. So, I strictly the number of these kinds of posts I’ll allow on my blog.

So, I just may so no due to not having the space to fit you in.

That said, these are the criteria you/your article must meet:

  • It must be an original article. No cross-posting.
  • It must be related to web development and/or freelancing.
  • It must be high quality and informative as judged by me. No blatant ads.
  • You can include a SINGLE link at the end to your product/service.
  • Your article will indicate that it is a sponsored post and links nofollowed.
  • The article author listed will be YOU, not me
  • You pay a fee of $250 per article
  • You must pay the fee before the article gets posted

I reserve the right to refuse any article if I don’t feel it’s a good fit or of good enough quality to go on my blog… or for any other reason.

That probably eliminates most of you, which is fine by me, but if you’re still interested, contact me at support@johnmorrisonline.com