When a bully steps into the freelance octagon

I get this from time to time with certain clients.

I was watching this YouTube video the other day. Some rando off the street apparently went into a boxing gym, talking s***, and challenged the trainer there to a fight. Talking about, “I mess people up on the streets”… blah, blah.

You can about guess how this went down.

Trainer played with him a bit.

Let him throw a few shots.

Then, out of nowhere… like a lightning bolt… dropped him with a left hook. Bahaha. Dude was done, then… but, his ego wouldn’t let him stop. Got up… trainer dropped him again. Then, the trainer starts talking smack.

“Get up. Come one. Let’s work. You’re tough.”

Hits the dude with a few body shots… which honestly, looked like they hurt worse than the head shots that dropped him. Anyway, the guy eventually had enough and left the ring… a** in hand.

This is the same sort of thing I do with cocky clients.

When your clients are 7- and 8-figure CEOs, who have millions of followers obsessively sucking up to them… or regularly go on TV shows like Ellen, etc… they tend to think their s*** don’t stink.

And, in their domain, they are king d***.

But, in MY domain?

Heh. Not so fast, homeboy.

I’m the subject matter expert here. If you had all the answers, you wouldn’t be hiring me. So, slow your roll… and listen the hell up. That may sound aggressive to you, but that’s the kind of control you need to take with your clients.

Otherwise they’ll run you ragged.

You may know EXACTLY what I mean.

Anyway, a big part of HOW you do that is how you get hired in the first place. It’s a power struggle and if your clients come to YOU — instead of you going to them — it positions you as the leader and puts the power in your favor from the start.

Of course, content marketing is the best way to do that.

In my upcoming Freelance Feast course, I’ll show you how.

But, it’s also a long-term strategy that takes time.

Cold email isn’t. It’s fast… hell, you could fire up an email and potentially have your first client in just a few minutes from now. It’s that fast. But, it also puts you at a power disadvantage IF you don’t do it right.

Because you’re the one contacting the client first.

That’s one of the big problems with all the cold emails I get on a daily basis. They’re essentially begging for work. And sure, they might get some people to hire them… but those clients will be a nightmare.

Not so with the cold email method I teach.

Because it’s all about positioning.

They’re f’d up… and you’re simply offering to help.

If they don’t want to fix their issues, no sweat off your back. You’ll just go to their competitors and help them instead. And we’ll see who’s still around in a few years. Power and positioning. Might sound simple, but it’s critically important…

Unless you like being treated like a dog by your clients.

Anyway, my Cold Email Method is upon Skillshare for another 4 days or so. After that, I AM taking it down and will sell it on my website for around $100 or so. So, if you want it without having clunk down 100 smackers…

Your time is running out.

To get it before it comes down, go here: https://myjohn.us/coldemail

If you’re a Skillshare member, that will take you straight into the course where you can watch it… it’s Lessons 3 and 4 there. Otherwise, that’ll trigger a 14-day trial of Skillshare where you get unfettered access to the entire library of courses (30,000+).

Including the one above.

No obligations, cancel anytime.

And, if you cancel before the 14 days is up, you never pay a penny.

A few hoops to jump through, but might be worth it save that 100 smackers.

Anyway, up to you… link again is here: https://myjohn.us/coldemail



P.S. If you’re a Patron of mine on Patreon, I’ll be uploading the course there *today*, so be on the lookout for that. If you’re not a Patron, you can learn more about that program here: https://myjohn.us/patreon.

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Daniel Mohlendick

On the Freelancing on Upwork course: “This is by far the best course i have watched on Skillshare!! Thank you so much.”

Lori Grant

John did an outstanding job on my project. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Jim DeJonge

Jim DeJonge

John has a relaxed and engaging manner. His advice is solid and the explanations are well thought out.

Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone

John Morris is exceptional in his ability to give focused insight into Freelancing and starting one’s business. His direct methods inspire confidence in his honesty.

Bob Patterson

Not only is John a very talented programmer and developer, he is also an excellent communicator. He has a talent for taking complex subjects and communicating them in terms that anyone can understand. This is a rare combination. This ability has enabled me to take my skills and knowledge to the next level. Thank you John for for all that you do.

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I recommend John every chance I get. If every person I worked with were as committed to excellence, punctuality, value, and unquestionable integrity… the world would be a better place. Highest recommendation.

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He significantly improved my site through his expert knowledge of PHP, CSS and Javascript. Would definitely recommend John to others.

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Jason Rumley

John has a habit of over-delivering on the expectations he sets up. That’s why he’s the best.

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Steve Dimmick

John has provided expert knowledge and advice on multiple occasions that have helped me better serve my clients. John is a Rockstar!

Aaron Gott

Aaron Gott

John has a particular knack for the development and training of others.

Bradley Smith

John and I have worked together on numerous projects. John is very quick and efficient and was a pleasure to work with.

Lewis Howes

John is amazing at building membership sites. He converted one of my sites over from it’s existing (hardly working) platform over to the clean and simple to use WishList membership platform. I highly recommend using John and WishList for any of your membership site needs.

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John is one of the best instructors I have come across, I learned a lot from his online tutorials.

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John is a fantastic and patient tutor, who is not just able to share knowledge and communicate it very effectively – but able to support one in applying it. However, I believe that John has a very rare ability to go further than just imparting knowledge and showing one how to apply it. He is able to innately provoke one’s curiosity when explaining and demonstrating concepts, to the extent that one can explore and unravel their own learning journey. Thanks very much John!