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Here’s everything you’ll learn inside the full Upwork Master Class:

  • I’ll show you what I did to earn $2,191.78 on my very first Upwork project. If you’ve been told you have to grind away on small jobs for months, you’ll want to watch this. If you follow my steps, you can start landing big jobs from day one.
  • Portfolio Protocols. Your portfolio will do 99% of the “selling” for you. Get it right and you’ll consistently win job after job on Upwork. I’ll show you the rules for creating a client-winning portfolio even if you have no past client work.
  • How to write an attention-getting profile overview using my 4-Part Profile Template so clients 1) actually read your profile overview and 2) it methodically persuades them to hire you without a bunch of cheesy sales speak.
  • The Rank and Relevance Master Strategy based on the science behind the Upwork algorithm. Follow the strategy and that algorithm will see you as a prime freelancer, begin suggesting you when clients submit their projects and send you more work than you could every possibly handle.
  • The “selling without selling” method I use when messaging potential clients to build rapport and methodically move them toward hiring you on the spot.
  • How to instantly establish your credibility and authority without bragging or listing off all your credentials and accomplishments. It’s a cool, casual method potential clients love, but systematically pushes them toward hiring you.
  • The secret threshold you must pass in order to get hired. Don’t pass it and a client won’t hire anyone. If you’ve ever seen Upwork jobs where a client ends up never hiring anyone, this is why. I’ll show you how to stop it from happening to you.
  • How to find the highest-paying jobs that will actually hire you. It’s one thing to find high-paying jobs on Upwork. That’s just a filter. It’s another to find the ones you actually have a chance at getting hired for. It’s a process and I’ll show you how.
And before I go much further, in case you think I’m just blowing smoke, here’s a look at some of the first projects I landed on Upwork so you know this stuff actually works:
So, obviously this stuff works. But, here’s more of what you’ll learn in the course:
  • The #1 lie about freelancing on Upwork that holds people back and causes them to struggle. Fall for this and you’ll struggle for months and years to have any success on the platform.
  • How to write proposals that’ll get you hired. Based on each client’s unique k__ h_____ c_______, your proposal will cut straight to the heart of what your client is after and being nearly impossible for them to pass on.
  • The #1 reason why clients don’t even read your proposal, let alone hire you — that nearly everyone teaches and recommends you do. It’s the worst advice you could follow and will kill your chances of getting work on the platform.
  • How to price the projects you bid on, including how to get clients who lowball to raise their prices without a big hassle or debate.
  • The 5-letter word that’s the key to getting hired on Upwork or anywhere is. Without it, clients will never hire you. With it, they’ll trip over themselves to hire you. I’ll show you what it is and how to get it for yourself.
  • The #1 reason freelancers fail on Upwork. They fail to do the one thing that every other business on the internet does. But if YOU do it, you’ll have a massive advantage over every other Upworker who isn’t.
  • My “looney tunes” method for getting eyeballs on your Upwork profile when you have no job history and no rank. Every student of mine initially thinks I’m crazy… until they try it and watch as the clients begin rolling in.
  • How to eliminate any and all other competition on a client project and get the client to focus solely on you and your proposal. 
  • The secret top Upworkers use to consistently build their rank on Upwork so they move higher and higher in the Search and Suggestion Engine. I know several and this is their “dirty little secret”.

In case you’re wondering if any of this is super complex and if you’ll be able to learn and implement, here’s comments from students of mine who not just took the course, but implemented and saw the results:

In any case, there’s a ton more you’ll learn inside the course, as you can see. I won’t beat you over the head with all the details, but if you’re serious about freelancing on Upwork and building a 100K+ Upwork business, this is the course for you. You can grab it at the discounted price of just $39 on this page only. You’ll never see this offer again. So, if you’re at all interested, now is the time. Click the button below to trigger the discount and grab your copy of the Upwork Master Class:

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6-Figure Formula

Six figures doesn’t just happen. You need a plan. Several years ago, when I finally decided to get serious, I wrote out a 7-step plan to hit $100K over the next year.

That next year, I hit six figures for the first time.

In this course, I’ll show you my exact plan including how to raise your rates high enough to earn $100k, how to get those high-paying clients to hire you, how to strategically grow your freelance business and more.

If you’re serious about hitting six figures, this is the course you need to get there.

$86 Value

6-Figure Formula
Bigger Budget Blueprint

Bigger Budget Blueprint

At some point, you WILL run into clients who try to “lowball” the budget on your projects. You can cave and accept their price, you can walk away OR you can learn how to get them to increase their budget. Only one of those will lead to more clients and more income for you.

In this course, I’ll walk you through the blueprint I’ve developed over the last 15 years to get clients to raise their budget.

You’ll see a live example of a student of mine who tripled the budget of a potential client and got hired on the spot.

$32 Value

P4 Pricing Formula

What should you charge for your services? If you don’t know the answer, without a doubt, then you’re going to have trouble. Especially, when a client tries lower your price — and they will

How can you justify your price if you don’t know how you came up with it or if it actually is the right price? Truth is, you can’t.

In this course, I’ll walk you through my 4-part formula for packaging and pricing your freelance services. Not only will you KNOW your price is right, but you’ll know how and when to raise your rates so you can earn even more.

$72 Value