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$2 Million Template

There’s ZERO need to reinvent the wheel. The simplest and shortest path to success is to simply model what other successful people are doing.

Well, how about a guy who has made over $2 million on Upwork? Not an agency. A single Upworker who’s racked up $2 million in client fees charging $75/hour, has worked with Verizon, Google, Cisco and more — and has 628 pending job invites on the platform.

Think you could learn a thing or two from his profile?

I’ll walk you through what he does and break his profile overview down into a 4-part formula you can swipe for yourself so you don’t have to guess or wonder. You KNOW your overview is helping you not hurting and you can bid on high-budget jobs with confidence.

That confidence, alone, can be the catalyst transforming the results you’ve been getting and building a high-income, sustainable freelance business that gives you the freedom and security you wanted when you first decided to freelance.

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$2 Million Template
Stephanie Korski
I start[ed] this course 3 days ago, following John’s suggestions, and I gained the Upwork Rising Talent badge in less than 2 days. I have a call with my first potential client tomorrow. This class is super helpful if you follow the steps and instructions. Thanks, John!

Stephanie Korski

Fisherman Formula

The Fisherman Formula

Pro fishermen don’t guess. They don’t hope. They don’t wish. They KNOW. They know where to fish, when to fish, what hook to use, the right bait — every bit of the science behind catching fish every time they go out.

“Fishing” for clients is no different.

Dip the right “bait” in the right “pond” and clients will swarm you and your offer. I’ll show you the formula I’ve used to build at 6-figure business by “baiting” in the right kind of clients.

And, how to use those clients to “juice” Upwork’s algorithm to bring you even more clients over time so you don’t have to constantly fight and compete with other freelancers for work.

With the Fisherman Formula, you eliminate all other competition and get clients to focus solely on YOU — so you get clients more easily, can charge more and work with better clients who truly value and appreciate you.

So you don’t just get more money, but more satisfaction and build a business you can be proud of where you do work that matters in real people’s lives.

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Fisherman Formula
Jason Rumley
Very actionable, very clear, and definitely packed with info. John has a habit of over-delivering on the expectations he sets up. That’s why he’s the best.

Jason Rumley

The Ripple Method

It’s one thing to find high-paying clients on Upwork. That’s a simple search filter. It’s a whole other to find the ones that are eager to hire YOU. THAT is a process.

But, one that once you learn it can dramatically change the results you get. Imagine if every job you bid you KNEW, without question, that client was likely to hire you over everyone else bidding on their project… AND they were highly qualified clients willing to pay good money for good work?

How many more clients would you land each month? How much easier would it be to do the work knowing you’re going to be paid well? How much more could you make? How much less would you have to work?

I’ll show you how to find those clients using the Ripple Method so you can earn more and work less and avoid the time-wasting and soul-sucking clients that troll Upwork.

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