Top 10 Web Development Courses on Udemy

This is my list of the top 10 web development courses on Udemy. My reviews are based on my experience with the course and my 10+ years experience as a web developer.

I am an affiliate for Udemy, so if you choose to purchase a course using my discount links below I will (at no cost to you) earn a small commission.

But, my reviews are based purely on my objective opinion of the courses.

So, here’s my top 10:

1. Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites

This is #1 because it’s the most comprehensive web development course I’ve found on Udemy. It has 235 lectures and 18+ hours of content. It covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, APIs, Mobile Apps and more. It retails for $199, but you can get it 25% off with this coupon code.

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2. Multi Page Online Form With PHP, MySQL and Session Variables Course

This course is in my top 10 for the sheer awesome-ness of the end result. Sebastian shows you how to create a great-looking multi-page form that retains its values from page to page and stores the results in a database. It’s a very slick form and worth looking at the demo video just to see what’s possible.

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3. The Complete iOS 9 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real-World Apps

This course comes in #3 because of the value of learning to develop iOS apps and just how comprehensive it is. Rob has a knack for these kinds of courses. This one boasts 207 lectures and over 29 hours of content and you’ll build 15 real-world apps throughout the course. It retails for $199 but get it 25% off with this coupon code.

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4. Build Websites From Scratch With HTML and CSS

This is one of the more advanced HTML and CSS courses I’ve found. What makes it great is the detail Brad goes into. If you want to really dig and master HTML and CSS at a high level, this is the course. It retails for $149 but get it 25% off with this coupon code.

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5. Learn and Understand AngularJS

This course makes the list because it really does simplify learning AngularJS and covers one of the up and coming frameworks developers will need to know going forward. Anthony is an experienced developer who’s been coding since 12 years old and explains Angular JS in a way that makes quicker to grasp and use. It retails for $99 but get it 25% off with this coupon code.

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6. WordPress Theme Development With Bootstrap

WordPress has become a must for web developers. I chose this course because it shows you how to build WordPress themes using Bootstrap which is my personal favorite combination… and is frankly about 100 times easier than starting from scratch. You’ll build a full WordPress theme in this course. It retails for $197 but get it 25% off with this coupon code.

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7. Responsive Web Design AND Web Development with HTML5 & CSS3

Responsive web design IS web design. If you want to be a web developer, you need to know this. And with 77 lectures and over 12 hours of content this course will teach everything you need to know plus all the fancy tricks to make your responsive sites really stand out. It retails for $199 but get it 25% off with this coupon code.

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8. The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course – Build 14 Apps

I’m and Android guy… but there’s no denying the Apple Watch is taking off. As a developer, you can tap into a huge opportunity for more clients and career opportunities by being ahead of the curve on trends like this. In this course, you’ll build 14 Apple Watch apps and master app-building for this new form factor. It retails for $199 but get it 25% off with this coupon code.

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9. Writing Secure PHP Code

This is probably the most overlooked topic for new developers.. but the most critical. This course is great because it actually explains the different types of attacks hackers will try to make against your sites and applications then shows you how to write your code to deal with all of them. This course is a must for serious developers.

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10. User Experience Design Fundamentals

Another fairly overlooked topic but so important. Being able to write code isn’t enough… you need to know how to design applications that people will actually use. This skill can be put you head and shoulders above other developers because so few take this serious.

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Xan Barksdale

Xan Barksdale

Very professional worker who is extremely knowledgable in WordPress and Wishlist Member. I would definitely hire again.

Jason Rumley

Jason Rumley

John has a habit of over-delivering on the expectations he sets up. That’s why he’s the best.

Bob Patterson

Not only is John a very talented programmer and developer, he is also an excellent communicator. He has a talent for taking complex subjects and communicating them in terms that anyone can understand. This is a rare combination. This ability has enabled me to take my skills and knowledge to the next level. Thank you John for for all that you do.

Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone

John Morris is exceptional in his ability to give focused insight into Freelancing and starting one’s business. His direct methods inspire confidence in his honesty.

Daniel Mohlendick

On the Freelancing on Upwork course: “This is by far the best course i have watched on Skillshare!! Thank you so much.”

Ray Edwards

I recommend John every chance I get. If every person I worked with were as committed to excellence, punctuality, value, and unquestionable integrity… the world would be a better place. Highest recommendation.

Michael Skye

Michael Skye

John is a man of integrity, who gives generously of himself to projects and people he cares about.

Thabo Motsoahae

John is one of the best instructors I have come across, I learned a lot from his online tutorials.

Aaron Gott

Aaron Gott

John has a particular knack for the development and training of others.

Jim DeJonge

Jim DeJonge

John has a relaxed and engaging manner. His advice is solid and the explanations are well thought out.

Sukh Plaha

John is a fantastic and patient tutor, who is not just able to share knowledge and communicate it very effectively – but able to support one in applying it. However, I believe that John has a very rare ability to go further than just imparting knowledge and showing one how to apply it. He is able to innately provoke one’s curiosity when explaining and demonstrating concepts, to the extent that one can explore and unravel their own learning journey. Thanks very much John!

Oliver Wainwright

Oliver Wainwright

I’m a fan. I have completed several of John’s courses. I find him very knowledgeable and he has a great delivery.

Lori Grant

John did an outstanding job on my project. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him on future projects.