These side hustle “hacks” are getting ridiculous

This is what I mean by “content crack”.

My brother sent me this Tik Tok video… which “eww” all on its own. But, this guy says he’s going to show you a “6-figure hack” that “no one else is doing” and you can “setup by the end of today”.

Ooh… sounds great.

What could it be?

You go to Capterra and find the top-rated software products in a niche you’re interested. Then, you search Google for that product and see if they’re running any ads for searches of their own name.

When you find one that isn’t…

You join their affiliate program.

Then, you create a Google ad targeting searches for that product’s name and you use your affiliate link. That way, whenever some searches for that product by name (and are highly likely to buy) they click on your ad with your affiliate link…

And, YOU get the commission.

F’king brilliant!

In 2004.

That’s the first time I heard of this strategy. And, guess what… most affiliate programs these days ban you from bidding on “branded terms” — which is what these are called.

Many even ban you from bidding on their main search terms.

Oh and many of these companies are in contact with ad networks like Google and those networks will flag these terms and limit or disapprove your ads.

And, since this strategy has been around since the beginning of PPC…

If you do happen to find a “unicorn” — a company NOT running ads on its own branded terms (most do) AND doesn’t ban YOU from running PPC ads on those terms…

Guaranteed somebody else has already found it and is running ads.

And, even if you did somehow find one company this would work on…

You’re not gonna make a 6-figure income doing this.

Matter of fact, the company he uses as an example in his video, Shipwire… go ahead and search it on Google. No ads running there. You’d think somebody would have jump on that example by now.

Gee, I wonder why nobody has.

Basically, the video is complete BS.

But, it sounds good. It makes you feel good when you watch it. Until you try to actually do it, it doesn’t work and you get all depressed — which causes you to look for another “hit” of hope and motivation.

And, there’s plenty of other gimmick-peddlers to feed it to you.

It’s crack.

And, it corrupts your brain. You get addicted to searching for that “one weird trick” that’s going suddenly make all your problems go away.

It doesn’t work that way.

Bottom line: put down the crack pipe!

This is why I constantly stress fundamentals, principles and hard work. Here’s a little secret for you. If something is easy… even if it did work, everybody would start doing it and ruin it. I happens time after time.

But, when something takes a little thought…

And, a little effort.

Most people won’t do it.

Which means… it’ll work for years and years.

THAT is the kind of stuff you should be looking for.

In any case, I’ll end my “yelling at the clouds” there, but buyer beware on all this nonsense. And, of course, if you want to learn some real fundamentals that can actually move the needle in your business…

Because they’re based on sound principles…

That have been around since the beginning of time…

Give my 5-Figure Formula course a look.

You can learn all about it here:



Idea Engine LLC

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Winona, MO 65588

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