The WORST freelancing advice

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Of all the freelancing advice I hear the Instagurus throw around, this is by far the worst and most devasating. If you’ve ever heard this or worse believed it, go get a scrub brush and scour this out of your mind forever. It, without question, is hurting your business and costing you clients:

“Freelancing is a numbers game”

The idea being you just have to blast your name and your pitch out to as many people as possible and eventually you’ll get some clients trickling in. And that’s exactly what happens.

Instead of a fire hose of new clients banging down your door…

It’s a trickle of the worst kind of clients.

Funny enough, even in established industries, this kind of anti-thinking is prevalent. When my older brother got into insurance, they had a bunch of these they had him do.

He wrote a letter to everyone he knew.

300+ letters.

Not a single client.

They had him go around his neighborhood and put door hangers on every house. 500-1,000 houses. Not a single client. He’d go to parking lots and put flyers on cars. Nothing.

He even put  up a big billboard with thousand of cars passing it everyday.


So, it blows their mind when I tell freelancers that I have students that get conversion rates as high as 60%, 75% and higher. How? They’re not bidding on 100 projects or contacting 1,000 potentical clients.

They’re going after 2 or 3.

That they’ve researched heavily.

That they know inside and out.

That are a perfect fit and they truly believe they can help.

Quality > quantity. Who you target matters. Where you put up your profile matters. What you write in your bio/letter/billboard/whatever matters. What you put in your proposal matters.

And when you focus on those things.

On figuring out who your ideal clients are, the exact right services to offer them, what is the best price to charge, what to say to truly reach them, connnect with them and motivate them to want to work with you…

The “numbers” get silly.

In any case, this is the crux of what I teach in my course, Freelancing 101: What Services to Offer. How to pick, package and price your services based on real-world data so you KNOW you have a winner.

No guessing.

No hoping.

Research, data, results.

Anyway, you can get access to the course for free over on Skillshare. All the details on the course and how to get access are here:



P.S. If you do have more questions about the Skillshare offer, I created a page with all the details here: Should answer any questions  you’ve got.

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