The final blow in the language wars

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This really is the definitive answer in the language wars.

I mean, people won’t stop battling over it.

But, if you just want the answer… this is it.

Here’s the question I got:

“Do you think there is more job security in Java programming for software as opposed to web development?

“I find web development enjoyable but have been focusing on Java because of concern for this… I’m switching careers from social work. Currently in school for CIS.”

And, Jesse responded with this:

“There is a lot of Java work in large corporate environments – I’ve worked as a consultant in those environments a lot over the years.  Don’t focus on “will Java get me a job” though – learn Java and the fundamentals of software development and then use that knowledge to get the door open.

“Software development is an ever evolving skill and you’ll have to be mutable to be successful. Java is a good place to start though, especially if you want to get into corporate software development. Stick with it, and then when you feel really comfortable with Java and the fundamentals start branching out.  Best of luck in your new endeavor.”

And, this is what I added:

“[Jesse’s answer] really is the answer. Java seems to be big in corporate environments. Node and Go in start-ups. PHP is still pretty dominant in the freelance space. People love to debate which language is better or will get you more work, but it really depends what you’re doing and what sector of the industry YOU want to work in AND, how adaptable you want to be.

“For example, I’ve never wanted to work in a corporate environment or for a start-up, so I’ve never bothered to do much with those languages. And, I’ll live with the consequences. But, if your concern is job security and being able to adapt, learn them all AND focus on learning fundamental programming principles that will help you build reliable software no matter WHAT language you use.”

That’s really all there is to say on it.

Other than, just keep your eye on the industry and the different sectors and look for changes in all this. But, debating this language over that is silly.

They all have their place.

It comes down to what YOU want to do.

No need to debate the mouth-breathers…

In any case, if you wanna add PHP to your tool bag, I’ve got over 22 hours of PHP training waiting for you. Core PHP, OOP, security, MySQL, form building and more.

And, you can get started with it for nothing.

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But, only if you’re ready to put in the work.

Anyway, link to get started is here:



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