The 2400-year-old genius who invented Facebook stalking

All you really need to do is read Aristotle.

Er’body these days is just ripping him off.

When I was getting my business marketing degree, studying Aristotle and his Art of Rhetoric was one of the few useful things we learned. I’ve sold millions worth of courses and services over my career.

And, most of what I do still goes back to Aristotle.

Of course, devishly applied to today’s technology.

Anyway, tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • “Persuasion cannot occur in the absence of emotion.”
  • “The best way to ‘transfer’ emotion is through storytelling.”
  • “The most important part of the honest process of persuasion is trust.”

How many times have you heard those truisms? Hell, I’ve told them to you probably a hundred times or more. That is all Aristotle… discovered more than 2,400 years ago. But, you might be wondering…

What in the name of Beelzebub does that have to do with Facebook?

Well, that’s another of Aristotle’s teachings — the one that hit me like a lighting bolt when I first read it. He said we all had “core elements” — values, beliefs, opinions, worldviews — that were mostly set in stone.

Changing a person’s core elements was hard work.

And not the role of persuasion.

Instead, the job of the persuader was to show their audience how their idea, concept, product, service, etc… helped the audience honor their core elements better than the competing alternatives — including doing nothing.

If you can create that “roadmap”…

That route from what they want — at their core — to your “thing”.

That’s where persuasion happens.

When I read that, it was like a sledgehammer to the temple. DUH! I’d been spending all my time trying to convince people why they should *believe* different. And while there’s certainly a time and place for that.

It’s NOT when pitching my website services.

I cringe just thinking about some of the things I said to clients back then.

Anyway, here’s the payoff on all this… you can’t connect your “thing” to somebody’s “core elements” if you don’t know what those core elements ARE. And, making assumptions will get you killed persuasion-wise.

You gotta have something.

And that’s where Facebook-stalking comes in.

People just put it out there.

They can’t help themselves.

And, YOU can use it.

That’s why, I just added Part 2 to my Cold Email Method training over on Skillshare where I show you my Facebook-stalking method — specifically what to look for to identify those core elements of your potential clients.

And how to USE what you find to write seductive cold emails.

The kind your targets can’t help but open and read.

And look… we’re not “hacking” or doing anything shady here. We’re just looking at the publicly available content these people put out themselves — and using it to gain some insight into the HUMAN on the other side of the email we’re writing.

I recently had a student tell me they’re getting open rates as high as 70%…

On their *cold* emails using this method.

That’s insane.

I can only imagine how many clients they’re raking in month after month.

Of course, that’s not guaranteed but obviously possible.

In any case, as I’ve said… I put the course up on Skillshare to give everybody a crack at it regardless of your financial sitch. This new lesson is Lesson #4 here:

If you’re already a Skillshare member, that’ll take you right to the course.

If not, that’ll trigger a 14-day trial for you. What some people do is start the trial, take the course and then cancel before the 14 days is up… and never actually have to pay a penny to learn this cold email method.

Up to you, but might be worth it.

Either way, the course is coming down from Skillshare at the end of April. So, time is quickly slipping away to take advantage. After that, I’ll sell it on my website for probably around $100 or so.

So, this is a good way to save yourself some cash, as well.

Anyway, like I said, up to you.

Link again is here:



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