How to Sign Up For the Skillshare 14-Day FREE Trial

Step 1: Click this link to trigger 14-day free trial of Skillshare. This will take you to Skillshare’s join page with the 14-day trial activated.

Step 2: On the next page, click the “Sign Up to Start Learning” button:

Step 3: Create your free account. Enter your name and email address and set your password. Click the sign up button once you’re done:


Step 4: Enter your payment details . As I mentioned in the video describing this offer, Skillshare does ask for your payment details, but they DO NOT charge you at this time.You can see that clearly under the “Today’s Total” section . They hold your payment details and charge you IF you don’t cancel by the date shown at the bottom.

So, enter your payment information, select your plan, make note of the expiration date and then click the “Start Your Free 14 Days” button.

Like I said, I’ve had thousands of students do this and never had a problem with getting their trial cancelled. I’ve even had a few go past the expiration date, get charged and Skillshare still refunded them. They just contacted the Skillshare support. Although, I don’t recommend that:

Step 5: Find my courses. Once you’re signed up you can go to:

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