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Simple question for you…

If I said that I’d take everything I’ve learned, as a 6-figure freelancer, over the last 17 years and download it all into your brain — to help you make more, work less and achieve success much faster than otherwise — what would you say?

Probably some “Yeah right!”

“Too good to be true.”

“What’s the catch?”

All understandable — especially today when any random 19-year-old YouTuber with a camera can say they’re an expert. But, if I could show you that it’s all 100% legit, no catch and you can really get all that knowledge completely free…

Would you want it?

If not, then hey… no hard feelings, but this page will be a waste of your time.

However, if that interests you, then here’s the scoop.

You see, I HAVE been a freelancer for over 17 years… “in the trenches”, doing it with real clients, day in and day out, making my living freelancing. Here’s some of the real people I’ve worked with in that time:

Certainly not an exhaustive list, but a few of the highlights. I’ve also spent the last half decade or so teaching what I know about freelancing. Here’s some more of the real students I’ve helped:

And yes, you really can get access to my courses completely free.
I’ll tell you how in a minute, but here’s some of the course you can get:
And, here’s some of the secrets you’ll be learning in those courses:
  • How 75 Hard became a world-wide phenomenon using a marketing principle developed by a children’s book author and how freelancers can use that principle to generate overwhelming word of mouth — and potentially more clients.
  • The “hired gun” used by NASA, Tyson, the Smithsonian and even the Executive Office of the President of the United States to rescue and improve their performance and how to use the system he’s developed to boost your own productivity and client satisfaction.
  • A sneaky tactic used by Disney in all its theme parks and attractions to create die-hard brand loyalty — and how you can use it to almost guarantee clients won’t hire anyone but you.
  • The brash, even arrogant tech CEO and the simple 1-minute method he uses to lock new clients into his continuity programs. He’s built several multi-million dollar tech companies relying almost solely on this method and I’ll show you how to use it to generate repeat clients and referrals in your freelance business.
  • An “idiot-proof” way to consistently beat out your competitors for new clients — even if they have years more experience than you. It’s not having a better service, marketing, social media or any of the typical ways the social media heads blabber on about. Something *any* freelancer can start doing today to potentially get more clients and develop more loyalty with existing clients.
  • The former Disney executive who designed, opened and operated Disney’s flagship character dining experience, Chef Mickey’s, and the client-attraction method he developed while there to grow the restaurant into one of Disney’s premier attractions — and how to use that method to more easily land client *especially* when you’re brand new to freelancing.
  • A clever trick I learned from a guest on the popular TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to boldly stand out and get attention in any market no matter how crowded or saturated. No matter what you do, getting people’s attention is job #1 and I’ll show you how using this ingenious method.
  • A sly marketing tactic I picked up from a virtual stranger I met at a bar at a marketing conference I attended when I was just a wee freelancing lad. He went on to be a famous business celebrity and I used what he taught me to land many of the big name clients I’ve worked with over the years like Inc. Magazine, Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferris and others.
  • The salsa dancing internet marketer who leveraged The Purple Cow Principle to get booked on Ellen, interview Kobe Bryant, Russell Brand, Seth Godin, Robert Greene, Paris Hilton and many others — and turn that notoriety into a multi-million dollar business. And how you can use the same approach to garner the attention and affection of the influencers in your industry and use that notoriety to possibly get more clients and customers into your business.
  • A detailed description of how word-of-mouth actually happens in the real world. Once you see how it happens “live”, it helps you to understand things about how to create it that you might otherwise never know — and you can use that knowledge inject more word-of-mouth into your business.
  • Why many of the most common examples of word of mouth and “viral” campaigns (Hotmail, Dropbox, etc) are outdated and useless and if you try to reengineer what they did, you’re almost guaranteed to fail — what to do instead that works NOW.
  • How to use simple 30-second videos to generate massive word of mouth for your business — while creating mafia-like loyalty for you and your products and services.
  • A newbie-friendly way to get even the pickiest clients to pick YOU over seasoned pros who have bigger portfolios and more positive reviews. In fact, chances are, your new clients won’t even look at these industry leaders — despite the fact they beat you in every metric the Instagram-gurus will tell you matter most.
  • How even the most grumpy, anti-social freelancers can garner intense loyalty from clients and customers — and ensure they never hire one of your competitors (even if, they lowball you on price).
  • A principle of persuasion used by Martin Luther King, Jr., Adolph Hitler, the leaders of the Heaven’s Gate cult and Mahatma Gandhi to captivate and control millions of followers — creating some of the longest-lasting movements and most horrific atrocities mankind has ever seen — and how to ethically use this principle to make more sales and get more clients in your business.
  • A foolproof way to trigger deep, often repressed, emotions in your audience and potential customers — causing them to react in aggressive and irrational ways — potentially buying every product or service you offer OR sending you long, expletive-laced emails. Not for the faint of heart, but can get even the most stubborn, skeptical and thick-headed prospects to take action.
  • The single element of influence that must exist in every case — that is, customers and clients simply will NOT buy from you or hire you if this element is missing. I’ll teach you a simple way to integrate it into everything you do and say.
  • What the infamous UNABOMBer — who mailed a total of 16 bombs and killed 23 people during an 18-yeard period — can teach you about influence and how to sell more of your products and services.
  • The famous speech (by a little-known FBI agent) that is a masterclass in influence and persuasion. I break it down and expose all the persuasion tactics being used in the high-stakes environment of FBI negotiations — tactics you’re not going to learn in any marketing book or “epic” YouTube video.
  • The TV show (available on Netflix) that’s jam-packed with marketing and persuasion information — some of the clearest and most impactful examples of influence you’re going to find anywhere (and just a hellvua good show).
  • The delicate balance you must ride between desire and believability to make sales and get clients — too much desire and prospects won’t believe you, not enough and they won’t care what you have to say — and an idiot-proof way to ride that line potentially leading to a spike in sales for your business.
  • A devious way to chip away at a prospect’s natural skepticism — turn everything they see and hear into a pseudo-promotion of your products and services — eroding their defense mechanisms until they finally give in and buy from you (with the side benefit of creating some of your most loyal clients and customers).
  • The quickest way to scare off potential clients — do this and they’ll immediately stop following you and will never buy a single thing from you.
  • 5 “dimensions” of influence that help you to paint a vivid picture of why a prospect NEEDS (not wants) your product or service. Hit all five dimensions and it’s almost impossible for a client to say no to you.
  • How to manhandle the “too good to be true” objection you’ll face from almost every prospective customer or client. Leave this hanging and clients simply will not buy from you. I’ll show you an easy way to eliminate it as an objection.
  • A technique used by FBI profilers to gain deep insight into your market so whenever you speak — whether it be a YouTube, an Instagram post, a sales page, freelance profile, etc — people will listen, be moved and want to work with you.
  • The three-word secret to exploiting Upwork’s algorithm for brand new freelancers. How do you get clients to choose you over other Upworkers who have an extensive Job History, high Job Success Score and extensive ratings and reviews? What do you say? What should you put in your portfolio? How do you compete? These three words are the answer.
  • A loophole in Upwork’s algorithm that can resurrect even “dead” Upwork profiles (plus help new and existing Upworkers get even more clients) — if you created a profile, sent out a bunch of proposals, didn’t get a single response and gave up, leaving your profile to sit unused for months (like I did when I first started), this loophole can help you bring it back to life and start getting clients. And, if you’re new, can help avoid that “crickets” situation all together.
  • What I learned from two since-deleted blog posts about Upwork’s algorithm that helped me go from a dead profile with zero proposal responses to landing a $2191.78 project within days of changing my profile — and earning over $14,000 from Upwork in just over 3 months.
  • A clever way to outflank established Upworkers, who have tons of 5-star ratings and reviews, and get clients to pick you instead — with the side benefit of leveraging a loophole in Upwork’s algorithm that can get your profile shown more than normal to the clients most likely to take a chance on you.
  • The three secret tests will use to evaluate your profile — it’s more than “doing a good job and clients happy”. Upwork wants to maximize profit and uses three hidden tests to figure out if your profile can help them make money. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to pass all three and I’ll show you what it is.
  • The boost Upwork gives new freelancers to their platform and how to maximize that advantage to jumpstart your Upwork account and start getting clients. A caveat, though… this boost short-lived, so you must take advantage of it in the first few weeks you’re on the platform. If you don’t have a some job history established by then, Upwork will most likely dead your profile and may even boot you off the platform.
  • How something as small and innocent-seeming as our timezone can affect how Upwork ranks your profile and how many clients you can get — and a clever way to turn all these little nuances of their algorithm in your favor to possibly rank higher and get more clients.
  • Two since-deleted community forum posts, from an Upworker staffer, that reveal a flaw in Upwork’s algorithm that new and existing freelancers can exploit to get ranked higher in Upwork’s Search and Suggestion Engine.
  • The no-shyte, everything goes to hell in a handbasket survival plan developed by a grumbly mountain man living who lives in a small mountain cabin in the woods.
  • How a broke truck driver slashes $42,000 in debt in a single year, bought his dream home and landed his dream job — all while making less, not more, money. You don’t need to be “rich” to be financially free.
  • Why most savings accounts are not just useless but actually losing you money — and what to do instead.
  • 5 assets anyone can easily own to insulate them from pandemics, recessions, hyperinflation and virtually any kind of financial crisis — without having stack MREs in your underground bunker.
  • How wealthy investors profit from both the natural “boom” and “bust” cycle of the economy — simple ways to benefit that don’t require millions or a crack investment to team.
  • The Freelance “Holy Trinity”: three simple offers you can make to maximize what you earn from your freelance skill set.
  • 7 different ways to create “open-ended” income — income that’s not tied to your time or work. Take the lid off what you learn by decoupling from the time for money paradigm.
  • The big mistake my dad made that cost him his house, his car, his business, buried him in debt and was the cause of the poverty I experienced as a child — and how to protect yourself from making the same mistake.
  • A sneaky way to write your profile title that can help you rank higher in Upwork’s search and suggestion listings than you might deserve based solely on Rank.
  • Three unique and little-known ways to write your profile overview — based on your niche, your experience, your desired clients and your goals. Upwork is too competitive for a templated, cookie-cutter approach. These three methods will give you options so you can tailor your profile overview to your specific situation and get better results.
  • An obvious, but often overlooked, way to create a portfolio that you KNOW, without question, will beat your competitors.
  • The backwards-sounding way Upwork looks at your hourly rate and why the approach most Upworkers take causes them to rank lower in Upwork’s search and suggestion listings.
  • How your profile picture can get you immediately thrown into the “do not click” pile. Here’s a hint: clients on Upwork get slammed with proposals whenever they submit a project. So, they’re looking for any little thing to remove you from consideration — and, if you’re doing this with your profile picture, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll immediately pass over you and not even click on your profile. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to fix it and I’ll show you what it is.
  • The simplest way to give yourself a significant advantage over everyone else in your niche that most Upworkers simply refuse to do. It baffles me that more people don’t do this. But, their laziness is your opportunity.
  • The three elements of a “click-worthy” profile title — a title that immediately grabs a prospect’s attention and makes it almost impossible for them not to click.
  • How to write a profile overview that can get you hired even if you don’t have any job history, reviews, JSS, etc.
  • The key factor to creating a portfolio that wows clients. Without it, your portfolio may even hurt you… instead of helping you. Plus, several ways to integrate this factor into the items you include in your portfolio even in the most difficult circumstances.
  • A clever way to add emotional depth to your portfolio -and create a portfolio that resonates with the client and makes you stand out from competitors who just phone it in. It’s a smart way to build up the perceived value of each project you include in your portfolio that almost no one in your niche will do — giving you an instant advantage.
  • Why the “lowball” approach is just plain dumb and will lead to getting hired less, not more — and why the answer isn’t as simple as “just charge more”. I’ll show you the right way to prices your services on Upwork.
  • An easy way to create a profile video that increases your chance of getting hired — even if you’re awkward and nervous on camera.
  • A clever way to use your profile title to target and attract only the highest-paying, premium clients and chase off everyone else — important as you grow on Upwork and start getting dozens of invites (or more) per day.
  • A counterintuitive way to write your profile overview if you’re in a highly competitive niche. The standard approach won’t work because everyone you’re competing against is just as good, if not better. This is a way you can stand out and still get hired.
  • Why so many Upworkers get stuck charging lower rates than they want (even as they gain experience and build extensive job histories) — the key mistake they make early on that undermines their ability to charge more and, of course, what to do instead so you’re free to raise your rates as your performance on Upwork warrants it.
  • An obvious, but often-missed, place to get a video script that’s already written for you, tailored exactly to you and the services you offer and needs very little tweaking or editing — and is completely free. Put bluntly, it’s the simplest way to get your profile video down without needing to be a master copywriter or wordsmith — and almost everyone on Upwork misses it.
  • A scary, but effective, way to write your profile overview to attract only the highest of high end clients. When you’re ready to go big and only go after the big fish on Upwork, this is how to write your profile overview.
  • A clever method, used by real estate agents, to zero in on the perfect rate to charge for your niche. Never again worry if you’re pricing your services properly (on or off Upwork).
  • After nearly a decade of teaching Upworkers and reviewing hundreds of profiles, the four most common mistakes I see that’ll get you thrown immediately into the “do no hire” pile.
  • Why your profile video doesn’t even need to be a video of YOU and can still help you get hired.
  • The “Microsoft Method” for finding premium clients. You can go on Google right now and find a nearly endless list of premium clients with this method — and yet, almost no one does it. I’ll show you how.
  • If you’re a web developer, a red-hot service you can start offering now and immediately start charging premium prices for.
  • A clever way to use your competitors testimonials to sell YOUR services.
  • The “non-sensical” reason premium clients *want* to pay more for your services and how to package and present yours to attract these kinds of clients.
  • The marquee difference between a regular, ho-hum service and a premium service — this one simple criteria can turn almost any deliverable into a high-end service.
  • Three questions you must be able to answer in order to charge premium prices.
  • The old-school automation software that can help you zero in on the premium clients all around you. 
  • If you’re a writer, I’ll show you a service one of my clients recently paid $15,000 for (zero promises that you can charge the same, but it’s a great example of how to take a regular service and turn it into a premium one).
  • The ugly, 90s-era website where you can find a nearly endless supply of premium clients.
  • A simple packaging mistake that makes clients immediately overlook your services and how to re-configure what you offer to stand out and make clients pay attention to you.
  • Why consulting might be an even easier way to start your own business and start building your own “online empire” away from the corporate world, annoying bosses and the doldrums of the 9-to-5 grind. Less work. Higher margins. Greater chance of success. Less time. I’ll show you why and how to quickly get a consulting program off the ground and create a side hustle that can quickly turn into your main hustle… even if you’re starting from complete scratch.
  • A program-building method I “swiped” from a high-end consultant whose clients include Amazon, Google, Nike, Office Depot, Circle K and more — most of the Fortune 500s top companies. The exact method he uses to deliver a high-end program (often with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake) for these clients — staying in control, confident and ensuring they’re deeply satisfied. I’ll teach you this method and how to use it to build a premiere quality consulting program (that’s not all that complicated).
  • How to “own” your consulting meetings. I’ll give you a template I developed for a 7-figure coaching, software and membership program owner that became the way they now onboard all their high-end coaching and software clients — to give you control, confidence and clarity in your consulting meetings and virtually ensure your clients will get the results they’re after in a way that’s deeply satisfying.
  • An easy way to leverage the skills you already have to create a high-end consulting program. You don’t need to be a 15-year veteran or the next Albert Einstein. I’ll show you how to sit down and design a high-quality consulting program around a topic you’re familiar with… in less than an hour. A program you KNOW will deliver — and doesn’t require that you know everything about everything that could possibly ever come up. Simple, direct, efficient and valuable.
  • The “backdoor” method I’m using to sell my own high-end consulting program. It’s not flashy or flamboyant. It’s not about posting a bunch of “epic content” on my “socials”. It’s mostly hidden and maybe the most effective way of marketing a continuity program I’ve ever seen — used by nearly all the 7- and 8-figure clients I’ve worked with over the years.
  • A “1-page funnel” method of using social media to drive new clients into your consulting program. If you like simplicity, this is your method. There’s no magic, no complicated funnels, no pretending — a direct and effective way to funnel clients from your social media into your consulting program.
  • A YouTube marketing method I’ve used to earn hundreds of thousands in course sales and how you can use it to get more clients into your consulting program while simultaneously growing your YouTube audience and your influencer status.
  • Example topics you could create a consulting program around right now. Admittedly, they’re across a few different markets and you may or may not have knowledge on these topics (I mean, I don’t know)… but, if you DO, I just give you the topics. Ones that are hot right now and you could create a consulting program around… *knowing* it would already be in demand.
Obviously, this would go on forever if I listed every last thing that’s in every course, so this is very much a partial list. There’s a ton more in the actual courses.
Now again… if all that doesn’t intrigue you then the rest of what I’m going to say here will be a waste of time.
But, if you’d like to get your hands on the secrets I just laid out, then here’s how to do it:
You see, those courses are uploaded over on Skillshare. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s sorta like the “Netflix of learning”. Their standard model is you pay a low monthly fee and you get access to every course on their platform. So, not like Udemy where you have to buy individual courses. One low fee, access to everything — that’s the idea.
“But that’s not free!”, you say.
That’s right.
That’s where I come in. Because I’m a teacher at Skillshare, they give me a referral link that will get you a full 1-month free trial of the platform. With that trial, you get full access to every course… including all of mine. And it’s FULL access. No limitations or restrictions… it’s like you’re a full paying member and you can take as many courses as your greedy little heart desires.
Obviously, they’d like you to stay a member, but you can do what you want.
And, if you simply cancel before the trial ends, then you don’t pay a penny.
And you walk away smarter, closer to your freelance goals — and you didn’t pay a thing.
That’s about as free as you’re going to get these days.
I’ve had thousands of my students do this with zero problem. (Pro tip: When you join, just set a reminder on your phone for 29 days so you don’t forget… and you’re all set.)
Also, here’s a few third-party reviews of Skillshare and what they had to say about the whole thing:
Finally, if you’re like: “Wait a second… what’s in it for you Johnny Boy?
Two things:
  1. I get a $10 commission when you use my referral link that gets you the 1-month trial (their normal trial without that link is just 7 days, btw).
  2. I get paid a few cents for every minute of my course you watch. If you get through them all, it adds up.
 So, you see, our goals are aligned. I want you to take my courses, love them and want to take more and spend the entire month watching all my stuff. And YOU get a top-notch freelance education that’s can help you land more clients, earn more, get more free time, garner more respect and so on — totally free. As the bros in the corporate world like to say, it’s a “win-win”.
Anyway, that’s the deal.
You in?
If so, this is that referral link you’ll need to use in order to get the 1-month trial (I also earn $10):
Have a question about all this?
No problem, shoot me a message here:
And be sure to leave me a comment on one of the courses once you’re in. I’d love to hear from you.


Skillshare has changed the trial period that teachers can offer multiple times over the past several years. So, you will see different reviews with different trial periods.

Currently, the standard trial you get from their site is 7 days. The trial period you get through a teacher’s referral link is 1 month.

I’ll update this FAQ if/when it changes in the future.

Bottom line, the link above will get you a 1-month trial which is currently the longest trial you can get.