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"Could This Finally Be How You...

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What I'm About to Show You Is a Simple Tweak to How You Operate On Upwork That Seems to Be Creating an Immediate Jump In New Job Invites and Clients For Almost Every Upworker Who Tries It

From: John Morris
The Ozarks, Missouri

FACT: Upwork is a saturated market. 

Millions of freelancers all competing for the same clients and projects. If you’ve been struggling to get large budget clients on Upwork or you’re brand new and want to start getting high-paying clients right from the start…

This can be a legitimate game-changer for you.

With it, it’s possible to make Upwork see you as a bonafide expert on the platform, a top-rated freelancer that its clients would love to work with. 

And, when the largest freelancing platform on the planet does THAT, you can be one of the rare Upworkers getting…

A Fire Hose of New Job Invites and Clients For You to Pick and Choose From


Because the method I’m going to tell you about is working right now — in some of the most competitive categories on Upwork — to bring in large budget clients every day for ordinary freelancers.

Even for those who have no job history, no rank and little to no past client work, yet even they are seeing an instant spike in new job invites and clients.


If so, you’re about see why… in the next 72 hours, this simple tweak to how you build your Upwork profile and write your proposals can bring you a flood of new job invites and revenue from clients who…

See You as THE Top Expert and The ONLY Choice In Your Category

In just a few minutes, you can apply this new approach to your profile and proposals without changing your portfolio or anything else in your Upwork account…

And, it proves to both Upwork (and its algorithm) and potential clients why you’re the superior choice over every other freelancer in your category. Just like it did for Jithin:

And this method – what you’re about see — is working right now in some of the most competitive categories on Upwork.

So, no matter what kind of services you offer or what category you want to become known and respected in, this will work for you.

It’s even generating a large influx of new clients for freelancers who are average at their core freelancing service.

So, even if you’re not the world’s greatest developer, graphic designer, writer or whatever else it is you do, you can still see a consistent flow of new clients from Upwork.

The method I’m talking about is what I call…

The Rank and Relevance Framework

It’s not just a very different way of building your Upwork profile…

It’s also a unique way of writing your proposals… 

And a distinct method for getting high-paying clients to view your profile.

Based on the science behind Upwork’s Search and Suggestion Engine, you’ll rise to the top of Upwork’s freelancer search for your category, show up more often in Upwork’s suggestion feature for new projects…

And, simply put:

And, without question, it’s…

The Simplest Way on Earth to Get More Job Invites, More Clients and Higher Fees on Upwork


Hey. My name is John Morris.

You probably don’t recognize my name, but you’ve almost certainly seen my work. As a freelancer, I’ve worked on projects for some of the most popular online marketers and social media influencers, including:

Lewis Howes
Ray Edwards

Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferriss, Inc. Magazine and others.

But, more importantly for you, I’ve helped 6,095 other Upworkers from all over the world, all different walks of life, backgrounds, and freelance skills to boost their results on Upwork.

I’ve helped developers, graphic designers, writers, photographers… from the U.S., India, Pakistan, the U.K… I’ve helped experienced freelancers with tons of past client work… and complete newbies fresh out of school.

I’ve seen every type of profile, proposal and portfolio under the sun.

So, I know what works to get clients.

And, more importantly, what doesn’t and why.

While most Upworkers struggle to get job invites, get clients and earn an income from Upwork… 

I’ve helped thousands (6,095) of my students use the Rank and Relevance Framework to produce a consistent flow of new clients.

Not only that, but it also seems to be creating a near-instant transformation and a spike of new job invites and new clients.

That’s because it’s based on the science behind Upwork’s Search and Suggestion Engine — the algorithm that determines if you show up in Upwork’s search and suggested freelancer listings.

Get This WRONG... And Nothing Else Can Save Your Upwork Profile

Every successful Upworker knows…

Upwork’s search and suggestion listings make or break your success on the platform. Period.

Consistently show up in those listings and your odds of getting hired increase dramatically. Don’t and there’s nothing you can do.

It’s the difference between seeing a steady wave of new job invites and clients… and feeling like Upwork is a complete ghost town.

The Search and Suggestion listings are EVERYTHING!

The good news is…

YOU Have Total Control If and Where You Show Up In Upwork's Listings

That might sound crazy, at first, but you have to understand…

Upwork is an algorithm-driven platform. It’s not a bunch of humans reviewing your profile (secretly plotting to bury your account). 

It’s a computer.

Well, a bunch of computers to be exact.

Upwork has millions of profiles to constantly analyze, hundreds of new projects, each day, to analyze and suggest on… it simply doesn’t have the manpower to do all that manually.

It’s very similar to Google’s search algorithm.

Hundreds of “signals” that determine if you’re a good fit for a client’s project or not. So, it really is as simple as:

Change Your Profile, Change Your Results.

THAT is why so many of my students seem to have such sudden, frankly unbelievable, transformations

Make a few small tweaks…

Start feeding Upwork’s algorithm the data it needs…

And, suddenly, it sees YOU as a top-rated freelancer. It starts suggesting YOU when new clients submit their projects and your inbox explodes with new job invites for you to pick and choose from.

It’s not magic.

But, it does require understanding how to build the kind of profile Upwork loves so it DOES rocket you up its freelancer listings.

THAT’s what the Rank and Relevance Framework is all about. Building the kind of profile Upwork loves.

So, what does it take to build this kind of profile?

Well, here’s…

8 Things The Rank and Relevance Framework Will Do to Increase the Clients You Get on Upwork

The best part of all this…

Is it’s nothing crazy. Simple tweaks that anyone can make. Whether you’re an experienced freelancer with tons of past client work or a complete newbie still looking for your first client…

The Rank and Relevance framework can work for you.

So, you can make the changes and see the results in just a few hours if you want. A few days at most.

And, you’ll find every step of building your proposal, finding high-paying clients that’ll actually hire you, writing your proposals and getting eyeballs on your profile in my brand new training:

The Rank & Relevance Video Training Program

Rank and Relevance Video Training Program

Please understand:

What you’ll find in this training are the techniques I’ve discovered and developed over 15+ years as a freelancer and in helping 6,095 other Upworkers get the success they want on the platform.

In my mind, it is quite simply…

The Fastest and Most Effective Method For Getting Clients on Upwork

That’s accessible to everyone… no matter your experience level:


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Bonus #1 - Profile Protokolls

"Convert More of the Prospects Who View Your Profile Into Clients"


Your profile is the key to the Rank and Relevance Framework. Put the right things on it and Upwork’s Search and Suggestion Engine will show you to more clients ready to hire you.

Don’t and you’ll vanish from Upwork — often, for good.

In this Bonus training, I’ll walk you step-by-step building your profile using the Rank and Relevance Framework to feed Upwork’s algorithm exactly what it’s after that can help you show up more often in the Search and Suggestion listings so you get hired more often.

It’s simple math.

The more clients see your profile, the more likely you are to get hired. This Bonus training will show you how.

Here’s some of the things you’ll find in this Bonus Training:

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Bonus #2 - Proposal Protokolls

"Write Proposals That Make More Clients Want to Hire You"


Proposal Protokolls

It’s not enough to sit back and wait for clients to come to you. You want to be proactive and go get clients. And, of course, Proposals are how you do that.

But, what’s the point if clients don’t respond?

Even worse, because Upwork now charges for Connects, you pay for the proposals that don’t “convert”. It’s critical you maximize that conversion rate and get every client you can from your job bids.

That’s what the Proposal Protokolls will show you. All the little tactics I’ve learned in 15+ years to submit proposals that can get a client’s attention and make them want to hire you.

Here’s some of the things you’ll find inside this Bonus:

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Bonus #3 - Budget Maximizer

"Increase a Clients's Project Budget So You Make More Money"


Budget Maximizer

You will find plenty of clients on Upwork who severely under-budget their projects. You have three options: 1) You can simply walk away, 2) you can accept the lower price or 3) you can get clients to increase their budget to what’s appropriate.

Only one of those leads to more money in your pocket.

In this Bonus Training, I’ll take you through a live example of a student who increased his client’s budget by 300% — with just one message.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this Bonus training:

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Bonus #4 - Referral Maximizer

"Get Clients to Give You More Quality Referrals and Boost Your Income"


You want the big “secret” to long-term success as a freelancer? It’s referrals. In fact, referrals are how most brick-and-mortar service companies survive — insurance agents, lawyers, real estate agents.

Freelancing is no different. If you can get clients to give you referrals, you’ll never be short of work.

In this Bonus training, I’ll show you all the little secrets and tactics I’ve learned the last 15 years to get referrals from clients — and how to close those referrals once they hire you.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this Bonus training:

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Like I said at the beginning…

This will be a game-changer for you.


John Morris

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The Big Ugly Disclaimer

It’s true. I can’t guarantee you any kind of result. I have no idea who you are, what your work ethic is like, how good you are at your “job” — none of that. The testimonials on this page probably aren’t typical.

That’s because most people do nothing. And, I have no idea if that’s you or not. But, I do know this… the people that implement the Rank and Relevance Framework tend to have success on Upwork. The people who don’t tend NOT to have success on Upwork. Over 25,000 freelancing students, 6,000 of whom are Upworkers, has shown me that.

So, you’re an adult. You can figure out for yourself what you will and won’t do. If you’re motivated enough to implement a few simple changes to how you build your profile and write your proposals, then this course is for you. If not, I guess I don’t know what to tell you.

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