How to get started freelancing, how to find people willing to hire you, how to sell your services without turning into a sleeze-ball, overcoming fear of failure and more.

How to build your portfolio (even when you have no past clients), writing your profile overview, what tests to take, how to find the highest-paying jobs, bidding on jobs and more. Follow along step-by-step.

Picking the right niche, figuring out what services you niche wants, how to price your services, packaging and more.

How to use social media to make SALES. Not follower counts or likes. Using social media to get people to hire you for your services.

Guerilla marketing tactics to grind out a following online and start getting freelance clients when nobody knows who you are and you’re starting from complete scratch.

You’ll discover the truth about productivity and time management that all the 27-step systems and “epic” new apps aren’t willing to tell you so you can cut through the crap and get s!@# done.

Tags, attributes and elements, meta tags, links, headings, paragraphs, images, anchors, lists, tables, forms, HTML5, native audio and video and 4 projects to build as you learn.

Hello world, variables, arrays, conditionals, loops, GET and POST, email, cookies, sessions, scope, constants, cURL, MySQL, prepared statements, PDO and 3 projects to build as you learn.

Beginner's Guide to Freelance

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The exact hosting I use for my own sites. And, I love it. If you use WordPress, this is my highest recommendation.

If you’re not running a WordPress blog, this is the hosting I recommend. Use this link for 50% off.

Online image editing software. Tons of pre-made templates and design. Love this!

This is where I get all my icons and graphical elements.

Royalty-free image repository that I use for all my stock photography

I use this to help manage my YouTube channel. Lots of handy tools.