Python In Trouble as Its Creator Steps Down?

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In case you haven’t heard, the creator (and self-titled Benevolent Dictator For Life) of Python, Guido van Rossum is stepping away from the project and his role as its chief decision-maker.

Does that mean Python is in trouble?

Not likely.

There’s still plenty of core committers…

And, community support.

But, it’s an interesting thing.

Here’s part of what he wrote as to WHY he’s stepping away:

“Now that PEP 572 is done, I don’t ever want to have to fight so hard for a PEP and find that so many people despise my decisions… I’m basically giving myself a permanent vacation from being BDFL, and you all will be on your own.”


Think about that for a second.

I mean, as developers, I think we all sorta dream of creating something as impactful and well-known as Python. And, we imagine once we do that we’ll be celebrated and finally have the respect of all our peers.

Yet, here’s this guy that created one of the more popular languages right now.

And, he’s stepping down at the height of it.

Because he’s tired of arguing with a bunch of know-it-alls.


This is, in part, why I don’t give these yahoos an inch. It’s also why what I teach and the way I teach it is so different from most other developers. Because, I don’t buy into all this koombaya, “community of developers” crap.

That’s usually code for:

“Let’s take someone else’s idea and make it ours.”

Nah, I’m good.

Call me selfish…

I’ll call you a leech.


What I build… I’m gonna own.

In any case, if you’re the koombaya type and wanna learn how to create a “community” and become well-known and beloved (and completely taken advantage of) by other developers…

I’m not your guy.

But, if you wanna learn how to get really damn good at your craft, carve out your own little niche in this industry, get the pay and recognition you deserve and not have to deal with a bunch of know-it-alls who think they know better than you…

Well then, stick around.

I’ll teach you my “selfish” ways.

And, how to get yours.

But be warned! If you stick around long enough, you may just find yourself secretly enjoying actually getting what you deserve, not having to pretend everybody’s idiotic idea is a good one…

And, not feeling an ounce guilt for it.

I know… the horror!

Anyway… you can start learning these “evil” ways for nothing over on SkillShare. As a teacher there, I can give you an exclusive 2-month no-cost trial. Just use this link to start the 2-month trial:

Take all my (evil) courses.

Cancel any time before the trial is up.

And, never pay a dime.


Tempting, right?

But. Up to you.

Take the red pill here:



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