I’ll Help Publicize Your Website!

As you probably know, I spend a lot of time creating tutorials for new and intermediate web developers because my passion is helping other aspiring coders get over the road-blocks I faced.

But, that’s NOT the only way I want to help.

As you’re building your website (whether your own online business or to promote your development services) and you choose your web hosting company, if you use one of my affiliate links — this one for Bluehost or this one for WP EngineI’ll help publicize your website!

I’ll get you started with some visitors by:

  • Mentioning you on my weekly YouTube tutorial video that goes out to 18,000+ subscribers
  • Promoting you in my email newsletter that currently has over 23,000+ subscribers
  • Linking to your site on my blog that currently gets over 40,000 pageviews/month

Of course, I can’t link my audience to anything not family friendly so no adult stuff, cussing, etc and it can’t be anything that’s opposed to what I believe in. But, other than that… knock yourself out.

After you get your hosting set up through one of my affiliate links, drop me a line with your receipt attached and I’ll gladly do this for you. Of course, you’ll probably want to wait until your site’s all built and ready to go.

So, get that website up if you haven’t already and let me help you get a few initial visitors.