EP4: Instant Influence Part 1

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • A principle of persuasion used by Martin Luther King, Jr., Adolph Hitler, the leaders of the Heaven’s Gate cult and Mahatma Gandhi to captivate and control millions of followers — creating some of the longest-lasting movements and most horrific atrocities mankind has ever seen — and how to ethically use this principle to make more sales and get more clients in your business.
  • A foolproof way to trigger deep, often repressed, emotions in your audience and potential customers — causing them to react in aggressive and irrational ways — potentially buying every product or service you offer OR sending you long, expletive-laced emails. Not for the faint of heart, but can get even the most stubborn, skeptical and thick-headed prospects to take action.
  • The single element of influence that must exist in every case — that is, customers and clients simply will NOT buy from you or hire you if this element is missing. I’ll teach you a simple way to integrate it into everything you do and say.
  • What the infamous UNABOMBer — who mailed a total of 16 bombs and killed 23 people during an 18-yeard period — can teach you about influence and how to sell more of your products and services.
  • The famous speech (by a little-known FBI agent) that is a masterclass in influence and persuasion. I break it down and expose all the persuasion tactics being used in the high-stakes environment of FBI negotiations — tactics you’re not going to learn in any marketing book or “epic” YouTube video.
  • The TV show (available on Netflix) that’s jam-packed with marketing and persuasion information — some of the clearest and most impactful examples of influence you’re going to find anywhere (and just a hellvua good show).
  • The delicate balance you must ride between desire and believability to make sales and get clients — too much desire and prospects won’t believe you, not enough and they won’t care what you have to say — and an idiot-proof way to ride that line potentially leading to a spike in sales for your business.
  • A devious way to chip away at a prospect’s natural skepticism — turn everything they see and hear into a pseudo-promotion of your products and services — eroding their defense mechanisms until they finally give in and buy from you (with the side benefit of creating some of your most loyal clients and customers).
  • The quickest way to scare off potential clients — do this and they’ll immediately stop following you and will never buy a single thing from you.
  • 5 “dimensions” of influence that help you to paint a vivid picture of why a prospect NEEDS (not wants) your product or service. Hit all five dimensions and it’s almost impossible for a client to say no to you.
  • How to manhandle the “too good to be true” objection you’ll face from almost every prospective customer or client. Leave this hanging and clients simply will not buy from you. I’ll show you an easy way to eliminate it as an objection.
  • A technique used by FBI profilers to gain deep insight into your market so whenever you speak — whether it be a YouTube, an Instagram post, a sales page, freelance profile, etc — people will listen, be moved and want to work with you.

Student Reviews

“Course is jam packed with examples, tips and action steps! Proof positive that John Morris is a freaking pro. Get some y’all.”

Chad A.

“I have been following John Morris for several years now. He constantly provides new content and his instruction ranges from beginner to advanced, to CEO level guidance. I have referred friends and clients to John, and have encouraged my own daughter to pay attention to what he says. All of his teachings create wealth for me (and happiness for my clients!) I cant speak highly enough about John, his name is well known in my home.”

Scott Plude

“John has been part of my developer journey since day 1 – always been great, but this course was over the top as far as new ideas, resources, and content. thanks John!”

Violet G.

“John Morris is exceptional in his ability to give focused insight into Freelancing and starting one’s business. His direct method inspire confidence in his honesty.”

Andrew M.

I like the holistic look at the freelance business, which is important to figure out and to have on the mind before you blindly jump into it. For me, the biggest challenge is to figure out outcome service for the customer ( the service customer understands he needs and is searching for) Your class helped me to do the important research and the technicalities to narrow it down which was really helpful, thank you!

Jan R.