EP3: The Purple Cow Principle

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How 75 Hard became a world-wide phenomenon using a marketing principle developed by a children’s book author and how freelancers can use that principle to generate overwhelming word of mouth — and potentially more clients.
  • The “hired gun” used by NASA, Tyson, the Smithsonian and even the Executive Office of the President of the United States to rescue and improve their performance and how to use the system he’s developed to boost your own productivity and client satisfaction.
  • A sneaky tactic used by Disney in all its theme parks and attractions to create die-hard brand loyalty — and how you can use it to almost guarantee clients won’t hire anyone but you.
  • The brash, even arrogant tech CEO and the simple 1-minute method he uses to lock new clients into his continuity programs. He’s built several multi-million dollar tech companies relying almost solely on this method and I’ll show you how to use it to generate repeat clients and referrals in your freelance business.
  • An “idiot-proof” way to consistently beat out your competitors for new clients — even if they have years more experience than you. It’s not having a better service, marketing, social media or any of the typical ways the social media heads blabber on about. Something *any* freelancer can start doing today to potentially get more clients and develop more loyalty with existing clients.
  • The former Disney executive who designed, opened and operated Disney’s flagship character dining experience, Chef Mickey’s, and the client-attraction method he developed while there to grow the restaurant into one of Disney’s premier attractions — and how to use that method to more easily land client *especially* when you’re brand new to freelancing.
  • A clever trick I learned from a guest on the popular TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to boldly stand out and get attention in any market no matter how crowded or saturated. No matter what you do, getting people’s attention is job #1 and I’ll show you how using this ingenious method.
  • A sly marketing tactic I picked up from a virtual stranger I met at a bar at a marketing conference I attended when I was just a wee freelancing lad. He went on to be a famous business celebrity and I used what he taught me to land many of the big name clients I’ve worked with over the years like Inc. Magazine, Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferris and others.
  • The salsa dancing internet marketer who leveraged The Purple Cow Principle to get booked on Ellen, interview Kobe Bryant, Russell Brand, Seth Godin, Robert Greene, Paris Hilton and many others — and turn that notoriety into a multi-million dollar business. And how you can use the same approach to garner the attention and affection of the influencers in your industry and use that notoriety to possibly get more clients and customers into your business.
  • A detailed description of how word-of-mouth actually happens in the real world. Once you see how it happens “live”, it helps you to understand things about how to create it that you might otherwise never know — and you can use that knowledge inject more word-of-mouth into your business.
  • Why many of the most common examples of word of mouth and “viral” campaigns (Hotmail, Dropbox, etc) are outdated and useless and if you try to reengineer what they did, you’re almost guaranteed to fail — what to do instead that works NOW.
  • How to use simple 30-second videos to generate massive word of mouth for your business — while creating mafia-like loyalty for you and your products and services.
  • A newbie-friendly way to get even the pickiest clients to pick YOU over seasoned pros who have bigger portfolios and more positive reviews. In fact, chances are, your new clients won’t even look at these industry leaders — despite the fact they beat you in every metric the Instagram-gurus will tell you matter most.
  • How even the most grumpy, anti-social freelancers can garner intense loyalty from clients and customers — and ensure they never hire one of your competitors (even if, they lowball you on price).

And a bunch more.

Student Reviews

“Course is jam packed with examples, tips and action steps! Proof positive that John Morris is a freaking pro. Get some y’all.”

Chad A.

“I have been following John Morris for several years now. He constantly provides new content and his instruction ranges from beginner to advanced, to CEO level guidance. I have referred friends and clients to John, and have encouraged my own daughter to pay attention to what he says. All of his teachings create wealth for me (and happiness for my clients!) I cant speak highly enough about John, his name is well known in my home.”

Scott Plude

“John has been part of my developer journey since day 1 – always been great, but this course was over the top as far as new ideas, resources, and content. thanks John!”

Violet G.

“John Morris is exceptional in his ability to give focused insight into Freelancing and starting one’s business. His direct method inspire confidence in his honesty.”

Andrew M.

I like the holistic look at the freelance business, which is important to figure out and to have on the mind before you blindly jump into it. For me, the biggest challenge is to figure out outcome service for the customer ( the service customer understands he needs and is searching for) Your class helped me to do the important research and the technicalities to narrow it down which was really helpful, thank you!

Jan R.