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The guy obviously knew what he was talking about… I’d just never heard anything like it before. And, as I listened I never would have imagined what he was saying would cause me to change everything I was doing.

But, before I get into the story here’s the tutorials I posted this week in case you missed any:

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Back to the story…

I was watching a presentation from a well-known online marketer named Frank Kern. Maybe you’ve heard of him.

And, he was talking about the idea of “suspending your disbelief”.

I’d never heard that phrase before.

But he told the story of how he and another well-known internet marketer, John Reese, had suspended their disbelief long enough to try a different approach to marketing online and the crazy success they’d had as a result.

He told several other stories of people who had suspended their disbelief long enough to take action and the success they’d had as a result.

It really struck me because as he was talking I couldn’t help but think of all the times I’d NOT suspended my disbelief… and how it had stopped me from acting on ideas that may have been wildly successful.

That day changed my life…

Because, I stopped letting my skepticism stop me from acting on ideas. From that day forward, I vowed to let every idea succeed or fail “on the field” not in my head.

And, all the success I’ve had since is a result of that one decision.

I bring this up because I know a lot of you are probably dealing with this too. Letting your disbelief stop you from acting on YOUR OWN ideas.

And, I created this video specifically to help you with that:

In it, you’ll hear about real people like you and I who have gone through incredible transformations in their web development career.

The father from a small town in the UK who got over his fear of “not knowing it all” to build a successful freelance business so he can provide for his three kids.

The young developer who was able to tackle the “ghosts” in his head and get his very first client.

The musician who suddenly had it “click” and knew exactly what he needed to do to brand himself and attract the kinds of jobs he was after.

And more…

I made this video to inspire you. To motivate you and give you the confidence to keep going… to suspend your disbelief long enough to act on your dreams.

I hope it hits home for you.

I hope hearing how others just like you and I have made this kind of transformation will encourage to make one of your own.

I hope you’ll be writing me to tell me YOUR story.

So, please if there’s only ONE podcast of mine you ever listen to, let this be the one:

Thanks and let me know what you think after watching it.


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