I just blew up my entire life

Sometimes the best jobs are the biggest killers.

Case in point…

A couple decades ago now (yeah, yeah… oooold! You shush! :D)… I landed maybe the best job I ever had. I started working for this company called CPI — which… the company was literally named after the CEO (slaps forehead).

These dudes and their big egos…

And small… ahem… sense of self-awareness.

Anyway, the job was an easy 6-figures if you were any good at all — which I was. It was sales which was/is kinda my thang. And, it was selling to customers who already had the service… I just had to get them to re-up.

It was almost unfair how easy it was.

Like getting high on Willy Nelson’s tour bus.

Anyway, I eventually ran as far away from that job as I could.

And kinda just blew up my entire life at the time.

Let’s just say wifey was not impressed.

But, I knew I had to do it.

Because it was starting to suck me in. By that time, I’d figured out I was not cut out for the corporate 9-to-5 thing. And, I knew that no matter how good a job was… it was still towards the bottom of the career totem pole.

Time for money.

No control.

Annoying boss who named his company after himself.

And almost zero leverage.

I wanted my own thing. My own company to name after myself and annoy all my employees — and have them make jokes, years later, about how I have a small… ahem… sense of self-awareness.

Controlling my own destiny.

Owning my future.

Something I could pass down to my kids.

All the things I’ve methodically built for myself since then. For example, just last week… the wife and I decided mid-week that we were going to go on a little mini-vacation. I told my clients I’d be out.

And we left just a couple hours later.

And it’s something we do regularly.

No way I could do that with a regular job.

But, here’s the thing… the point I’ve been bloviating incessantly about in these last few emails. Yes, freelancing is a good start. It’s a necessary step — and, heavens to Betsy, if you’re not freelancing yet… you need to get started.

But, it’s not the endgame.

You certainly have more control.

You DO own it.

You can break the time for money paradigm… a bit. But, it’s still heavily-dependent on you showing up and putting in the work day in and day out — even with an agency… you gotta show up and keep the troops in line.

It’s not the true “eff you” kind of freedom I think most people want.

The 5-minute workday type stuff.

For example…

At the height of my freelancing career… yeah, I was making a ton of money. But, I was also working more hours than I ever had. 14-16 hours a day. Neglecting my family, watching my kids grow up without me.

It even led to a bit of nervous breakdown.

It wasn’t what I’d imagined it’d be.

But, the reason WHY is because I got stagnant. I thought freelancing was the goal. It’s not. It’s just the beginning. True “I do what I want, when I want”… I can spend the whole day watching Netflix and eating Cheetos if I damn well please… freedom?

That comes from “ascending” beyond freelancing.

Get to freelancing if you’re still doing the J-O-B thang.

But, keep moving past it to more leverage and more free time.

Don’t stagnant.

Anyway, that’s why I created my Ascension Matrix course — it’s basically me imploring you to heed my warning here (and showing you HOW to do it). Because I know… if you haven’t felt it, yet… you will.

That day’s a comin’.

Why not just avoid it all together?

In any case, I’ve got the cure, in my braggadocious opinion. The course is up on Skillshare to give everybody, regardless of your financial sitch, a crack-attack at it. That’s because you can get it essentially free.

This link will give you access to a free 1-month trial of Skillshare: https://myjohn.us/ascend.

With that, you get 100% unfettered access to every course on the platform, including the Acension Matrix. So, you can get the free trial, take the course and if you it suits you.. .cancel before the month is up and you never pay a penny.

Not a bad gig.

Anyway, up to you if that tickles your tootsies or not.

The link again is here: https://myjohn.us/ascend



P.S. For patrons, you already have access to the course AND all my past courses AND certain Patreon exclusives only available to patrons. You can find all that on my Patreon page here: https://myjohn.us/patreon.

Who else wants to build a thriving freelance business?

I’ve helped 39,413 other freelancers start and grow thriving freelance businesses. Are you next? Subscribe to my Freelance Secrets newsletter and I’ll show you how.

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John Morris


I’m a 15-year veteran of freelance web development. I’ve worked with bestselling authors and average Joe’s next door. These days, I focus on helping other freelancers build their freelance business and their lifestyles.

Who else wants to build a thriving freelance business?

I’ve helped 39,413 other freelancers start and grow thriving freelance businesses. Are you next? Subscribe to my Freelance Secrets newsletter and I’ll show you how.

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Tim Covello

Tim Covello

75 SEO and website clients now. My income went from sub zero to over 6K just last month. Tracking 10K for next month. Seriously, you changed my life.

Michael Phoenix

Michael Phoenix

By the way, just hit 95K for the year. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me. You’ve changed my life. Thank you!

Stephanie Korski

Stephanie Korski

I started this 3 days ago, following John’s suggestions, and I gained the Upwork Rising Talent badge in less than 2 days. I have a call with my first potential client tomorrow. Thanks, John!

Jithin Veedu

Jithin Veedu

John is the man! I followed his steps and I am flooded with interviews in a week. I got into two Talent clouds. The very next day, I got an invitation from the talent specialists from Upwork and a lot more. I wanna shout out, he is the best in this. Thanks John for helping me out!

Divyendra Singh Jadoun

Divyendra Singh Jadoun

After viewing John’s course, I made an Upwork account and it got approved the same day. Amazingly, I got my first job the very same day, I couldn’t believe it, I thought maybe I got it by coincidence. Anyways I completed the job and received my first earnings. Then, after two days, I got another job and within a week I got 3 jobs and completed them successfully. All the things he says seem to be minute but have a very great impact on your freelancing career.

Sarah Mui

Sarah Mui

I’ve been in an existential crisis for the last week about what the heck I’m doing as a business owner. Even though I’ve been a business for about a year, I’m constantly trying to think of how to prune and refine services. This was very personable and enjoyable to watch. Usually, business courses like this are dry and hard to get through…. repeating the same things over and over again. This was a breath of fresh air. THANK YOU.

Waqas Abdul Majeed

Waqas Abdul Majeed

I’ve definitely learnt so much in 2.5 hours than I’d learn watching different videos online on Youtube and reading tons of articles on the web. John has a natural way of teaching, where he is passionately diving in the topics and he makes it very easy to grasp — someone who wants you to really start running your business well by learning about the right tools and implement them in your online business. I will definitely share with many of the people I know who have been struggling for so long, I did find my answers and I’m sure will do too.

Scott Plude

Scott Plude

I have been following John Morris for several years now. His instruction ranges from beginner to advanced, to CEO-level guidance. I have referred friends and clients to John, and have encouraged my own daughter to pay attention to what he says. All of his teachings create wealth for me (and happiness for my clients!) I can’t speak highly enough about John, his name is well known in my home.

Sukh Plaha

John is a fantastic and patient tutor, who is not just able to share knowledge and communicate it very effectively – but able to support one in applying it. However, I believe that John has a very rare ability to go further than just imparting knowledge and showing one how to apply it. He is able to innately provoke one’s curiosity when explaining and demonstrating concepts, to the extent that one can explore and unravel their own learning journey. Thanks very much John!

Mohamed Misrab

Misrab Mohamed

John has been the most important person in my freelance career ever since I started. Without him, I would have taken 10 or 20 years more to reach the position I am at now (Level 2 seller on Fiverr and Top Rated on Upwork).

Who else wants to build a thriving freelance business?

I’ve helped 39,413 other freelancers start and grow thriving freelance businesses. Are you next? Subscribe to my Freelance Secrets newsletter and I’ll show you how.