How to Biden-proof your business (and life)

Welcome to Biden’s America! 😉

Don’t worry… I’m not gonna go full Trumpian on you. In actuality, I couldn’t care less about who’s president. I barely even live in the U.S. anymore, so it doesn’t affect me much. (I know… I’m so privileged. But, in my case, it’s a privilege I created.)

But, there’s that window.

That first six months.

They all blather on during their campaigns, making promises and somesuch… how they’re gonna “save democracy” and “fix healthcare” and “unity” and whatever nonsense it happens to be.

But, that first six months…

That where you really see.

That’s what I used to pay attention to.

So, there’s a little tip for you if you’re unsure what this new Prez is going to do. Sit tight. Wait. And see what happens in the first six months. That’ll tell the tale.

But, this email is really about not even caring about that.

A few years back, I came across this thing called “agorism”. There’s a whole philosophy behind it, but the main thing for me was to “disconnect from the system as much as possible”.

I have and do…

And, my life has never been better.

My wife and I sold our lavish 2,000 square-foot home in Omaha and moved to the Ozarks in Missouri. We built a modest cabin in the woods that we paid cash for. We sold our second car that we didn’t really need.

And, we drastically reduced our monthly “overhead”.

And, have been focused on aggressive debt-reduction.

Which we’re very close to having all paid off.

I don’t have a mortgage. I pay an electric bill, the payment on our new truck and the last little bit of some student loans. Food and all that… but most everything else is “optional”. Netflix, Disney+… junk like that.

The pandemic hit… and we barely felt it.

The recession from the pandemic hit and we barely felt it.

A client of mine had to reduce my workload for a couple months…

It was a pretty big pay cut… and we barely felt it. So yeah… I’m not worried about what some blowhard in D.C. plans to do.

Anyway, here’s some tips if you’re into this kind of thing:

Run as far away from big cities as you can

Do you really need that 2,000 sqft home?

Radically eliminate debt. It’s your #1 focus if you have it.

Building a house isn’t as hard as you think. I did it with YouTube.

Invest… especially if you’re broke. Make your money make money.

Get a little cryptocurrency. Just in case the dollar tanks.

Those are a few things. There’s probably a bunch more I could come up with if I thought about it for a minute. But, the point is… you don’t have to be beholden or so concerned about what’s happening politically.

IF you’re willing to do things differently than everyone else.

For me, I’d never go back.

That nonsense is for the BIRDS!

In any case, take all that for what it’s worth. Let me take off my tin foil hat and don my businessman’s cape, now.

So look…

One of the biggest opportunities out there right now to make wild profits is Upwork. 2.7 million in new projects posted to the site everyday! Imagine if you could get even a small fraction of that coming your way.

You can.

That’s what I show you how to do in my R2 Protocol course. A unique method for ethically exploiting the flaw in Upwork’s algorithm I discovered awhile back. It’s one of the simplest ways to get your freelance career off the ground.

And, you can learn more about it here:



Idea Engine LLC

P.O. Box 245

Winona, MO 65588

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