Former Employer Contracted Me For 5X My Previous Rate

From a wise freelancer:

“There’s something to be said for not burning bridges. Especially in freelance, all of my work has come through past relationships and word of mouth referrals.

I left this employer in 2014 when they wouldn’t give me a raise I asked for. I made sure to leave on as positive terms as possible. They reached out to me this week to see if I can help them with several websites that had become so out-dated that upgrading them and applying security fixes would be very difficult and likely to cause issues. My Freelance hourly rate is now 5x what my salary would have broken down to in terms of dollars per hour when I worked there.

They said yes without hesitation.

Do good work, make people happy, maintain high awareness (like their linkedin posts, like their instagram posts, send them a Christmas card, etc.) – and your sales pipeline will magically stay full of easily closable sales. If your network is large enough, you’ll always have sales trickling in from places you forgot you were even fishing.”

It’s the “dirty little secret” of freelancing.

The average American worker makes 45K/year.

The average American freelancer makes 64K/year (more on freelance incomes HERE).

For all the blubbering about “income inconsistency” and “low-balling” clients and “job insecurity”… well… men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.

But, here’s the one thing our wise freelancing friend from above gets wrong.

Round these parts… we don’t believe in “magic” or engage in “hope freelancing” and clients “trickling in from places you forgot”. That’s all fine and well, but we go out and get ours. We KNOW where our clients come from.

We don’t leave things to chance.

And, that’s why we tend to outperform the averages. That is, IF you know WHAT to do and you go out and do it. The what is building a client-getting system (more HERE) that leverages social media, search, and all the fancy online tools to consistently bring you clients.

The how is covered in my Beginner’s Guide to Freelance course, which you can enroll in on Udemy here:



P.S. If you prefer Skillshare, you can learn how to get access to all my courses, including this one, for FREE here:

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John Morris


I’m a 15-year veteran of freelance web development. I’ve worked with bestselling authors and average Joe’s next door. These days, I focus on helping other freelancers build their freelance business and their lifestyles.

The simple secrets to high-paying freelance clients

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Bradley Smith

John and I have worked together on numerous projects. John is very quick and efficient and was a pleasure to work with.

Steve Dimmick

Steve Dimmick

John has provided expert knowledge and advice on multiple occasions that have helped me better serve my clients. John is a Rockstar!

Thabo Motsoahae

John is one of the best instructors I have come across, I learned a lot from his online tutorials.

Lori Grant

John did an outstanding job on my project. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Oliver Wainwright

Oliver Wainwright

I’m a fan. I have completed several of John’s courses. I find him very knowledgeable and he has a great delivery.

Jim DeJonge

Jim DeJonge

John has a relaxed and engaging manner. His advice is solid and the explanations are well thought out.

Michael Skye

Michael Skye

John is a man of integrity, who gives generously of himself to projects and people he cares about.

Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone

John Morris is exceptional in his ability to give focused insight into Freelancing and starting one’s business. His direct methods inspire confidence in his honesty.

Sukh Plaha

John is a fantastic and patient tutor, who is not just able to share knowledge and communicate it very effectively – but able to support one in applying it. However, I believe that John has a very rare ability to go further than just imparting knowledge and showing one how to apply it. He is able to innately provoke one’s curiosity when explaining and demonstrating concepts, to the extent that one can explore and unravel their own learning journey. Thanks very much John!

Lewis Howes

John is amazing at building membership sites. He converted one of my sites over from it’s existing (hardly working) platform over to the clean and simple to use WishList membership platform. I highly recommend using John and WishList for any of your membership site needs.

Daniel Mohlendick

On the Freelancing on Upwork course: “This is by far the best course i have watched on Skillshare!! Thank you so much.”

Aaron Gott

Aaron Gott

John has a particular knack for the development and training of others.

Jason Rumley

Jason Rumley

John has a habit of over-delivering on the expectations he sets up. That’s why he’s the best.

Xan Barksdale

Xan Barksdale

Very professional worker who is extremely knowledgable in WordPress and Wishlist Member. I would definitely hire again.