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Hey! I’m John. I created PHP 101. Let me tell you a little about the course and what you can expect to learn. I’ve been “doing” web development for about 12 years now. And, when I first started learning PHP (back in the “dark ages” of the web) sites like YouTube and SkillShare didn’t even exist. So, there weren’t a ton of really great tutorials. And, I really struggled.

So, I got PHP figured out… I decided to turn around and help others.

And, PHP 101 was born.

Now, this course is aimed at beginners. We start with basic syntax and a simple “Hello World” script. And, my aim is to really break down what’s going so you don’t just understand WHAT to do, but WHY. I think that’s so critical. To me, it’s not enough to know what to type… you need to know when to, when NOT to, why… all of that.

That said, we do get pretty fancy by the end.

We get into MySQL database, PDO, prepared statements, writing a class, and more. Along the way we’ll send emails. upload files, create folders, build a contact form, build a multi-page form use PHP sessions, submit form data to a database and whole lot more.

And, I labor to make sure you understand every bit of code.

This class is perfect for you if you’re brand new to PHP and you want to go beyond just knowing what to code and really dig into the WHY; to free you up to be creative, tackle your own scrips in your own way and just make you supremely confident in what you’re doing. That’s my goal for you.

Anyway, I’d love to have you as a student. So, let’s get started shall we?

Student Reviews

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  1. Razan Abuhantash

    Honestly, this is amazing. I’m a product manager and this series helps me better interact with my developers. Also, I know have the basics to pursue my side-gig independent of a dev team. Thank you for this course!

  2. Gopal S.

    An in-depth course on PHP. It covers all aspects of PHP from the basic to the advanced level. It will definitely help me in future projects. Thanks!

  3. Martine R.

    This course is a great introduction to PHP ! It covers all the basic building blocks to get you up and running.

  4. Levi S.

    This is by far the most pragmatically useful course I’ve ever found for getting started with PHP.

  5. Benjamin B

    Great course. Really gets into some fairly complex code; not just a “beginners” course, but starts off at beginner level.

  6. Austin Cawley

    I’m definitely a beginner to php and the only thing I’ve noticed is that the teacher does a fantastic job showing examples and explaining what each type of function is.

  7. Francesca Funari

    Thanks for this class it helps me a lot. I didn’t know anything about php and I have serious problem in understand the logic behind coding in general, with this class I was able to understand the process and why doing certain steps before others. Also the interview at the end of the course is, for me, very helpful and has interesting suggestions. Highly recommended.

  8. Andrew Jarick

    I was able to watch the first 9 of the lessons and go away and build something pretty complicated. Recommend using PHPStorm and XAMPP to develop to anyone reading these. Now watching the rest. it’s quite helpful.

  9. Krimson Adenine

    Fantastic course. I wouldn’t regret buying it if I did. John explains well, his course is well-organised, and he jots down all his thoughts so that he forgets nothing – something I don’t find in many unorganised courses.

  10. Mark Robbins

    Excellent tutorial. Exactly what I have been looking for.

  11. Constantine Sazonov

    So happy I found this course. I use it as a reference along the way for over a month and continue. It helps to work and make my small projects. Thanks, John Morris, it’s a great course!

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