COURSE: AM2 Protocol: Systematic Content Marketing For Freelancers


When I first started freelancing, I had no idea how to get clients. No plan for how to grow my business. I didn’t know what worked and what didn’t. I took any client I could get, worked on projects I had no passion for, worked with clients I couldn’t stand and was terrified month to month:

  • “Where will the clients come from?”
  • “Will I make enough to pay my bills?”
  • “Will it always be this stressful?”

And then, I discovered content marketing. And, I learned how to build a funnel. I figured out what things to say and how to attract high-paying clients. Clients I enjoyed working with, who valued my work and fit my personality. Projects I was excited to work on.

I ended up working on projects for Inc. Magazine.

Bestselling authors like Tim Ferriss.

Lewis Howes.

And Michael Hyatt.

People I’d never imagined I’d get to work with when I first started. More than that, I finally had a plan and a system. I knew what worked and I knew how to consistently to create content that brought clients in my front door. And, I knew how to scale my business to create the lifestyle I wanted.

And, that’s what I’ve done since.

So, this class is simple.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about using content to get clients. How to write your sales pages, creating your lead magnet, building your landing pages, coming up with content ideas, how to product your content, how and where I re-purpose content to get maximum value out of each post, posting to social media, which platforms to focus on and more. Every step to building your marketing funnel and creating content to get clients.

You’ll walk away from the class with:

  • The exact content marketing funnel blueprint I use
  • My “Big 3” to ensure my content is always valuable
  • The dead simple formula I use to guarantee my content is always unique
  • My “10 Questions” services sales page formula
  • The 6 components I use in every one of my email optin landing pages
  • The 5-step process I use to create all my content
  • How I turn 1 blog post into an entire week’s worth of content

This changed my life. I’m a nobody. A poor kid from a town of 200 who grew up living in a trailer home. If you’d asked my classmates, most would’ve figured I’d be dead or in jail by now. When I started freelancing, I didn’t have a big network to tap into. I didn’t have parents who could help. I didn’t have college friends or a fraternity to leverage. It was just me and my keyboard.

So, I can show you how to get started freelancing from absolute scratch.

Without a bunch of awkward networking.

Without doing a bunch of free work.

Without being tied to any one platform or network.

And, without having to spend 16 hours a day looking for work, wondering where clients are going to come from and constantly stressed out, worried you’re not going to make it.

So, if you’re ready to start strategically growing YOUR freelance business, let’s get started.

Student Reviews

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  1. Bruns Vaughan

    I got my first contract as a web developer for 3 weeks and if the client is impressed then he will sign me on for a fulltime contract which would be ideal. I want to build up some freelance clients so many thanks for the course it is absolutely wonderful. Your courses are absolutely perfect what I am trying to do.

  2. Waqas Abdul Majeed

    I’ve definitely learnt so much in 2.5 hours than I’d learn watching different videos online on Youtube and reading tons of articles on the web. This course helped me understand the core of content creation and how it can help me create further content into video, audio & written format to share on the world wide web easily. John has a natural way of teaching, where he is passionately diving in the topics and he makes it very easy to grasp. I already learnt in the middle of the course that it’s not any typical course I’d pay for online but it’s a course by someone who wants you to really start running your business well by learning about the right tools and implement them in your online business. I highly recommend this course and I will definitely share with many of the people I know who have been struggling for so long, I did find my answers and I’m sure will do too. I’ve finally ended this course with great practical tips and now as I follow, I feel I will be in much more control of attracting the right audience and turning them into paid clients.

  3. Susan Davis

    This was a very informative class with actionable steps, examples and the worksheets are the best I’ve seen to help me put what I’ve learned into action rather than keep consuming classes without being able to produce tangible results.

  4. Ivana Josimovska

    Great class, detailed and useful information and most importantly action steps you can make right away! Highly recommend!

  5. Rich Brown

    Overall great instructor and great course.

  6. Veronica Isaksson

    Thank you for this wonderful, helpful and great tutorial. It was easy to listen to and easy to follow and full of tips!

  7. Krissa M.

    Incredibly helpful if you want to learn the nuts and bolts of using content to generate visitors and clients. Definitely was pleasantly surprised with how many new advice and tips I gathered from this course and from John! I took so many notes! Would super recommend this course!

  8. Dušan Micić

    Very professional approach, helpful data and friendly lectures.

  9. Rebecca Livermore

    Super comprehensive, lots of great ideas. Worth taking and retaking. Highly recommended!

  10. Nicolas Zerpa

    I loved it. Excellent information, great tips and actionable steps.

  11. Eliane The barefoot spirit

    This guy’s a genius and still humble and authentic.

  12. Jan Ranostaj

    Great course! I did really like the examples you provided to better imagine the process and strategy. Thanks!

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