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The Beginner’s Guide to HTML is about helping you master HTML. It’s more than just learning what to type (like a lot of courses). I want to go beyond and explain the concepts and the WHY behind them to give you a depth of understanding that a lot of courses leave out. I’ve been a web developer for over 14 years now and there’s one truth I’ve constantly come back to: It’s the fundamentals that matter.

And, HTML is the fundamental of fundamentals.

What you’ll get in this course is an in-depth understanding of HTML, how to build web pages and a solid foundation for your future development or website-building career. You’ll also get the confidence to know that you can do this. And, you’ll get the excitement that comes with building your first web pages and seeing first-hand what you can create with code.

This course is for you if you’re an absolute beginner and have never written a single line of code OR if you’re an intermediate developer who’s realized they need a good refresher on the fundamentals.

Student Reviews

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  1. Chloe Hensley

    I’m a complete newbie, and I started with Free Code Camp before realizing I felt like I needed more “human” instruction. For me, the combination of visual instruction and really hearing the *why* explained so clearly by John has made all the difference as I build my coding foundation in HTML. Every project is a wonderful, concise review of everything we just learned. It feels parsed out perfectly for the complete beginner. Thanks for a great course, John.

  2. Orlando H.

    Great course to learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Very well explained and at a pace that is easy to understand. Recommended!

  3. Christopher Cole

    Currently doing a free trial of Skillshare. I have been trying to find the right class for me on a lot of different platforms: Umedy, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This is the first class that really explained the concepts in a way that just sticks. Very clear explanations of why each method/code is important and useful. Very happy to have found this class.

  4. Jannel Mills

    Great class, covered everything I was looking for. Really gets you started at a comfortable pace that is engaging and not watered down or oversimplified.

  5. Dominic Popescu

    Awesome course! Really helped me out!

  6. Yasmine Moura

    Very complete course! I will start my new job as Web Designer next week and wanted to refresh my knowledge about HTML. This course exceeded my expectations 🙂

  7. Ashley Iversion

    I wish you had a CSS class on here, the HTML class it self was amazing!

  8. Oscar Dominguez

    Excellent teacher. The best I know.

  9. Daniel Mashta

    Would highly recommend this course to anyone with no (or little) HTML experience, looking to understand HTML and its place in web-development and also practice a bit themselves.

  10. Agnes M.

    I’m developing my website and figured out that themes requires at the end also CSS knowledge. As it is necessary to know some html basics before starting with CSS I decided to watch this course and I am very satisfied about the quality and the clarity. Thank you very much for putting such good courses together!

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