COURSE: Learn HTML – The Right Way


The Beginner’s Guide to HTML is about helping you master HTML. It’s more than just learning what to type (like a lot of courses). I want to go beyond and explain the concepts and the WHY behind them to give you a depth of understanding that a lot of courses leave out. I’ve been a web developer for over 14 years now and there’s one truth I’ve constantly come back to: It’s the fundamentals that matter.

And, HTML is the fundamental of fundamentals.

What you’ll get in this course is an in-depth understanding of HTML, how to build web pages and a solid foundation for your future development or website-building career. You’ll also get the confidence to know that you can do this. And, you’ll get the excitement that comes with building your first web pages and seeing first-hand what you can create with code.

This course is for you if you’re an absolute beginner and have never written a single line of code OR if you’re an intermediate developer who’s realized they need a good refresher on the fundamentals.

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