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When you’re new to Upwork, how do you compete with freelancers who have tons of job history, ratings, reviews and a high Job Success Score? How do you beat that? That’s the key question. Fortunately, there’s a way to do it because Rank (the term we use to refer to all the factors I just mentioned) is only ONE of the two principles Upwork’s algorithm is based on. The other principle is just as important, but almost nobody talks about it. In this course, I’ll show you what it is and how to leverage it to beat out Upworkers who have a higher, more established Rank than you — so you can actually start getting jobs.

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn inside the course:

  • A loophole in Upwork’s algorithm (publicly admitted to by their former VP of Product and Marketing) that gives new freelancers a real and significant advantage over even the most experienced freelancers on the platform.  (It’s real and it’s powerful, but it also only happens for a short time. And, if you don’t take advantage of it while it’s there, Upwork will dead your profile and likely kick you off the platform. I show you what it is and the exact steps you need to take in order to take advantage of it).
  • A counter-intuitive way to write your profile title (stumbled on by Facebook and it’s big brother-esque ad machine) that can help you not only rise rapidly to the top of Upwork’s search and suggestion listings, but also grab potential client’s by the ear hole and make them click on your profile to check you out. (Getting to page 1 of the search and suggestion listing in Upwork is the single biggest thing you can do to get more clients… and this title technique can help you do that.)
  • A proposal-writing technique patterned after FBI profilers that helps you zero in on exactly what a client needs to see AND hear in your proposal to immediately want to hire you. (When you master this technique, Upwork can literally become “hit send, make money”. It’s that powerful.)
  • The “David Blaine” method of writing your profile overview that konks potential clients over the head with believability… so they actually read, believe and trust what you say — and want to hire you. (Every client comes to your profile assuming your full of s***. But, do this and they’ll be eating out of your hand and much more likely to hire you.)
  • An obvious, but often overlooked, way to build your portfolio (modeled after the tactic Leonardo DaVinci used to get patrons)… even if you have no past client work. (Your portfolio will do 90% of the selling for you — good and bad. Use the method I show you and you’ll have a full portfolio of high quality work your clients will salivate over — regardless of whether or not you have any past client work.)
  • My stupid simple method for pricing project bids. (Everybody else makes this complicated as hell — and, even then, they’re still just guessing. I’ll show you the radically simple way I price my bids and why this is the least important part of your proposal.)
  • How your happy clients can kill your Job Success Score. (You think everything is going great, until one day you suddenly stop getting job invites and you have no idea why. This is it… and, I’ll show you what to do to make sure it never happens to you.)
  • The ranking factor that’s as important as your Job Success Score that almost no one talks about. (In fact, this ranking factor is *more* important when you’re brand new on Upwork, but you won’t hear a word about it from 99% of the Upwork “gurus” out there. I’ll show what it is and how to achieve a high ranking using it.)
  • How something as small as your time zone could be killing your ranking in Upwork’s matching algorithm. (This was verified by an Upwork employee and it could be why you’re not getting any job invites. A simple switch can make sure this little quirk doesn’t kill your ranking.)
  • A clever way to get clients on Upwork even when you have no Job Success Score. (Critical when you’re new to the platform since you won’t have a JSS — I’ll show you how to land jobs anyway.)
  • The client “pattern of behavior” Upwork secretly analyzes to evaluate YOU and how happy you’re making your clients. (If too many of your clients exhibit this specific behavior, Upwork will dead your profile and you’ll never know why.)
  • How being “over-qualified” can hurt your ranking in Upwork’s Search and Suggesting ranking. (I’ll show you how and why Upwork evaluates this and how you need to build your profile to make sure this doesn’t hurt you.)
  • A question your clients should *never* have to ask about you. (And, if they do, Upwork will bury your profile permanently. I’ll show you what it is and what to write in your profile overview to answer it for both clients AND Upwork.)
  • The key ranking factors that drive Upwork’s matching algorithm. (When you understand the algorithm, you’ll see clearly how to build your profile to appease that algorithm. I’ll show you what those ranking factors are and the 3-part template I use to write a profile overview that makes the algorithm sing.)
  • The sobering reality of just how sophisticated Upwork’s algorithm is. (Underestimate it and you’re dead in the water on Upwork. I’ll show this reality in explicit detail… and then I’ll show you the simple 2-part strategy to turn the algorithm on its head and in your favor.)
  • Exactly what to say in the first two lines of your proposal to grab a client’s attention and get them to read your entire proposal word-for-word. (Just getting your proposal read is 90% of the battle. I’ll show you exactly what to say to make sure your proposals get read.)
  • How to spot the subtle hints clients will leave in their job description that tell you exactly what to write in your proposal to get hired. (Clients will telegraph what they want to hear, but most freelancers don’t know how to find these clues. I’ll show you how.)
  • The “ladder method” for writing Upwork proposals. (This is a slick little way to “stack” proposals with little “touches” of influence that make a client FEEL like hiring you — without them consciously knowing why.)
  • An almost laughably simple way to spot the “trigger” words in a client’s project description. (These are the key words you must repeat in your proposal to get a client’s attention and ensure they actually read what you write. I’ll show you how to easily spot them and how to use them in your proposal.)
  • Instant Disqualifiers. The red flags I look for in every job description that will immediately disqualify a client from working with me. (This will save you months of heartache and frustration by helping you easily avoid all the douchebag clients that will make your life miserable and aren’t anywhere close to worth the money.)
  • A devilishly clever way to identify the big money clients on Upwork that has nothing to do with search filters(Everybody uses the search filters… which means you end up fighting over the same clients. This little trick will help you find the big money clients — who will re-hire you again and again and aren’t afraid to pay large project fees — that the search filters miss.)
  • The 3-word conversation you want running through your client’s head after reading your proposal. (If you can get them to say these three words, your chances of getting hired can potentially double or even triple. And, if they aren’t saying these exact three words, you will never get hired. I’ll show what they are and how to guarantee your clients are saying them after reading your proposals.)
  • A deceptively quick way to weed out all the details of a job description that don’t matter and hone in on the ones that do. (With this, you’ll rip through job descriptions quickly, pull out all the relevant details and knock out your proposal so you’re not spending all day, every day writing proposals.)
  • My sneaky little proposal “fail-safe”. (This is how you can still radically increase your chances of getting hired even if you screw up all the other proposal-writing tricks in this list.)
  • The “evil” behind Upwork’s approval algorithm and how to turn it on its head to slyly slip through the approval process.
  • 11 unique ways to get your Upwork profile approved — that almost no YouTuber or blogger ever talks about.
  • Upwork’s hard-nosed evaluation criteria. The 3 “tests” your profile must pass to get approved and a clever way to pass all three on your first shot.
  • Upwork’s exclusive list of freelancers it’s actively looking to add to the platform right now and where to find it (Include one of these categories in your profile and you’ll dramatically increase your likelihood of getting a quick approval).
  • The backwards way to set your experience level to get approved more easily (Most new Upworkers do the opposite of this and it’s a big red flag for Upwork’s algorithm. I’ll show you what to do instead).
  • The perfect hourly rate to set for quick profile approval.
  • Upwork’s “lazy freelancer” test — the sneaky way they test you to see if you’re lazy or a procrastinator — and a simple way to pass this test with flying colors when creating your profile

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  4. Divyendra Singh Jadoun

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