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As coders, we all want more money…

We all want more freedom… to NOT be chained to our computers 24/7… to work with clients we like and care about… to be able to travel and spend time with our families…

And, we all want to have more impact… to work on projects that really matter… that make people’s lives better… and to be able to turn down projects that make our skin crawl…

The problem?

All the competition!

Anyone who’s ever been on Elance or oDesk or any of the other freelance sites knows just how bad the bidding wars can get.

And, how frustrating it can be to watch the project you really wanted to get snatched away by someone willing to do it for a ridiculously low price.

And to know full well that coder will probably never deliver on that project… and certainly not with the kind of quality you would have.

But, when you’re one face among a sea of other me-too coders… there’s no way for a potential client to know any better.

To them, there’s very little difference between everyone bidding on their project… and when left with that uncertainty… they always go with the lowest cost… because it’s the lowest risk.

If you want to build the kind of trust in advance that your ideal client will need to be willing to invest more money in you… you need to set yourself apart.

In fact, you need to set yourself apart in 3 very specific ways:

1. A Category of One. You need your potential clients to see you as not just a good option or even the best option… but the ONLY option.

You do this by being very specific about the kind of clients you target with your message.

For example, my ideal client is a online business owner building a membership site using WishList Member. In that category, I’m the ONLY option.

Not that there aren’t other coders who can’t build those kinds of sites… but I’m the Lead Developer for the WishList Member Certified Developers program… so most of the other options that are out there… were trained by me.

I’ve built WLM-powered membership sites for some of the most successful marketers out there including Michael Hyatt, Lewis Howes, Ray Edwards, and of course my company’s own WishList Insider.

Plus, I’m the face behind much of the public-facing content WLM customers see… from our tutorial videos to our API documentation to our API tutorials, and more.

So, if you’re building a membership site using WLM and you could pick the ONE person you wanted to most build your site for you… for most of our customers, it’s me.

That is the kind of position YOU want to have!

You want to position yourself as a category of one… as the only option in a very specific niche. And, there’s a really simple way to do this which I’ll cover in a minute.

2. Guru to the Gurus. Think about it this way. Who would you rather do business with:

a. A regular coder
b. A coder who teaches thousands of other coders

That is… would YOU want to hire the student or the master?

Most people want to hire the master.

For example, I regularly teach 1000s of coders online through my website, YouTube, and a number of other channels.

There’s 100s of comments on my videos and blog posts from other coders thanking me for helping them, asking questions, and so on.

As I already mentioned, I’m also the Lead Instructor for my company’s Certified Developers program… where I teach other WishList Member coders.

So, any potential client who comes across that content immediately sees be as the “guru to the gurus”. They see me as the master… not the student… and I don’t have to say a word to convince them of it.

Now, again, there’s a very easy way to do this kind of thing for yourself… which I’ll cover in a minute. But first…

3. Results In Advance. Today’s online world is all about trust. In fact, learning how to get and keep people’s trust is easily the most important skill you can learn… regardless of what industry you’re in.

People only do business with people they trust.

But, how do you build trust with someone you’ve never met who maybe lives halfway across the world?

You give them results in advance.

You let them experience what it’s like to work with you BEFORE they hire you. Now, that may seem strange, but here’s an example.

As I mentioned I have all kinds of content teaching coding available on the web. A lot of online business owners come across that content because they’re building their sites themselves.

They walk through one one of my videos… and solve the problem they were having.

THAT is results in advance. That’s letting them experience what it’s like to work with me BEFORE they hire me.

And, I know from my own experience that the majority of the clients who eventually end up hiring me… do so because they came across one of my videos and it helped them to solve some problem they were having.

When you can build that kind of trust upfront… coupled with the other things we’ve talked about… your potential clients quite literally will NOT hire anybody else.

And, they’ll pay you whatever you ask.

In fact, I’ve never had somebody ask me to discount my price when hiring me. I’ve implicitly build up my value in their mind so that most actually see my pricing a relief… as lower than what they were expecting.

Obviously, this is the kind of thing you want to do for yourself as well. And, it’s what gets you OUT of the Elance rat-race… and lets you command the kind of rates you REALLY want.

And, gives you the freedom to literally pick and choose what projects you work on… when you work… and who you work with.

It gives YOU the control.

Of course, the BIG question here is HOW do you do all this?

Well, as I mentioned there’s a really simple way to accomplish all three of these things:


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is King”. Well, it’s 100% true. Not only is content king… content will make YOU a king if you use it correctly.

When you create great content… you’re able to attract your ideal potential customers to you, let them see you as the master (not the student), and give them results in advance.

Creating killer content is the easiest and most powerful way to separate yourself from every other coder out there and snatch the best clients right from underneath all your competitors.

If you want to separate yourself from every other coder out there and leave the Elance bidding wars behind forever… you need to be creating killer content right now!

But, there is one small hiccup…

What good is that content if nobody sees it?

And there lies the crux of the problem. You know you need to create killer content… but you may not have the kind of platform necessary to get that content in front of the eyeballs you need to.

In the kind of noisy world we live in today… you need a platform that allows you to break through the crowd, get your message heard, and attract the people who can help build your business to what you want it to be.

Now, there’s 2 ways you can handle this:

a. Try to figure everything out on your own, hope you get lucky, struggle for years… and maybe NEVER get it handled.

b. Learn from the master. Start seeing results immediately. And quickly build your platform so you can reach your potential clients and get them to hear your message.

If option B sounds intriguing, then let me introduce you to the master…

His name is Michael Hyatt…

He’s a New York Times Bestselling Author, has over 215,000 Twitter followers, and is the creator of Platform University.

He spends his life teaching people how to build their platform.

And, he recently released a brand new free presentation where he takes you inside his OWN platform and how he’s doubled his business over the last year.

I encourage you to head over and check out this free presentation and let the master of platform-building show you how it’s done.

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