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Why Are Developers Still Learning PHP?

Better question: “Why are people still asking why are people still learning PHP?” Sigh. This Quoran gave one of the better answers I’ve seen. Plus how you’ll know if #PHP does ever legit die. You can listen to the discussion here: #webdev

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The Dev Job Rejection That Would’ve Killed ME

I remember when I worked at the pizza joint back pre-coding days. I was in a similar boat. I’d stay up late hitting my head against the wall trying to figure all this coding stuff out. Already tons of self-doubt. If that had happened to me? I don’t know, man. That probably would’ve been it.

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Developer Meat-Gazing

All these amazing applications and frameworks. These coders with their big, beautiful code. And, I’d find myself gazing enviously at them.

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The Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make (Part 1)

Let me tell you about Ted (name changed to protect the guilty) Ted decided he wanted to be a freelance developer over 5 years ago. And, Ted did what most developers do… he went about figuring out what he needed to learn, taking a bunch of courses and getting good at web development. And, he did get good. He could crank out websites. Build professional level applications. He learned all the languages. Everything you’d need to do in order to do web development for a living. YET, five years later, he still had not got a single paid client. Not

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What Freelance Services You Should Offer and How Much You Should Charge

I see a lot of freelancers get tripped up at this stage. Thing is, the info is out there… it’s just a matter of finding it. Even something as obscure as “formatting kindle ebook” services… the data is there. So, in this video, I’m going to show you how to find it so you can figure out exactly what services to offer AND what you should charge for those services.

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Send PHP Email Using PHPMailer

PHPMailer is a popular open source, email-sending library used by applications like WordPress, Drupal, SugarCRM, Joomla and others. This tutorial will show you how to install PHPMailer, set up SMTP and send email in PHP using PHPMailer.

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PHP Add To and Remove Elements From an Array

In this tutorial, I’ll show you eight different ways to add to, remove from and insert elements to/from an array in PHP. PHP array functions used include: array(), array_push(), array_unshift(), array_pop(), array_shift(), array_slice(), count(), array_diff() and array_splice().

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I’m Too Lazy to Write Code

These days happen. You wake up feeling like crap and don’t wanna do anything, let alone code. But, if you don’t, things could go to hell real quick. Here’s what I do to kick myself in the arse and get moving without feeling guilty about it.

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What object-oriented programming is NOT

Object-oriented programming is MORE (much more) than knowing how to write a class. It’s about how you build your applications. I call it an “approach”… but it’s an approach *to application-building*.

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My interview with Ryan Carson, the founder of Treehouse

I just uploaded the interview I did with Ryan Carson. He’s the founder of Treehouse and has a ton of insight into our industry, what it takes to be a successful developer, what companies are looking for, practical steps for going from no experience and no resume to getting your first IT job… ​​​​​​​Plus, answers to the questions YOU asked… And, a bunch more. Watch the interview below: If you want to learn more about Treehouse and support the blog, go to

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How Upwork stacks the deck against you

The problem for new freelancers is you don’t have ANY of this. You have no job history, no job success score, no ratings, no testimonials… none of it. Upwork’s entire machine for surfacing freelancers based on Rank is stacked against you.

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It’s this book I started reading. I was watching this interview the other day… it was the Rubin Report and Dave Rubin was interviewing Owen Benjamin (semi-famous comedian). Anyway, Benjamin mentioned this book called, The Screwtape Letters… And, it sounded interesting. So, I bought it. Anyway, it’s basically this collection of letters between these two demons talking about how to collect souls. Except, you only get one side of the letters… the letters from the demon named “Screwtape”… thus the name of the book. But, it’s not the content that’s got me. It’s the format. Screwtape ends every letter with:

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How Levi got hired in just one year

Got this from Levi: “I appreciate the blunt honesty of your emails. One of the reasons why I’ve been so successful at anything I put my mind to is because I don’t waste my time trying to find the easiest or cheapest path there. I know that if I want to get good at something quickly, I need to put in the long hard hours as well as some dollar. It’s been a year now since I’ve started coding. I’ve probably spent well around 400 or so dollars on learning resources alone. I’ve had a Lynda subscription for about 5

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How to get more IT jobs by erecting a big, beautiful wall around potential clients

Like the best wall… With the best words… It’ll be yuuuuu– Anyway… I just finished recording Episode 3 of my “Get Paid to Code” series for Patreon (which, btw, I’ll be releasing on June 3rd exclusively for Patreon supporters) and in it I show you how to find the best clients and best jobs on Upwork… then exactly what to say in your bid to get hired for those jobs… And, I couldn’t help but feel a bit like ol’ Don Juan Trumpey. Because, as a freelancer, you should have “immigration” standards. You shouldn’t just work with any old client.

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I just slaughtered this guy’s Upwork profile

Got this comment on YouTube: “But do you think this is a good profile? I don’t want to bump my profile here just like that, but if you could check, perhaps you could use me as an example 😀 But this is what you mean following your advice, right?” I took a look and… Sigh. Sometimes, I hate being the bad guy… But, no. Not even close. But, I feel like it’s my job to be ruthlessly honest so you can get better, because me filling you full of hot air and telling you it’s great (when it’s not) won’t

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This is the end

Yeah, yeah… I know some of you will hate this. And, hit dislike faster than an SJW crying “I’m offended!” But, today, is going to be another straight-up pitch… but an important one. Because, today, is the last full day of the Udemy 10-buq deal I’ve been telling you about. So, if you’re wanting to get in on it, this is your last chance before it’s gone for good. Now, before you go running off to your therapist… To “talk out” the horror of being sold on something… I just want you to think about something. Now, you’re, of course,

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The mobsters who helped build IBM’s software

That’s the legend, anyway. My little brother works for this company that provides consulting and migration services for a software called Tririga. Basically, what it does is make it easy for large companies to manage all of their real estate… lease, payments, all that. So, take a company like CVS that has 9,600 stores. That’s a lot of lease contracts, payments, etc. This software does it for them. So, I asked him the other day who invented Tririga. And, according to the legend… It was a group of mobsters in Las Vegas. Apparently, they owned a bunch of casinos and

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Nobody cares about your code

Take my Mr. Mom mini-van. It’s only a couple years old. 2015 I think. Not even a year into owning it, it suddenly started leaking. Talk about annoying. This is WHY we bought a new van… to avoid this nonsense. So, I took it to the shop and it turns out the oil filter had cracked (er something). It was from the last place that did an oil change. They’d put it on too tight. So yeah, never going back to that place. But, there’s the thing… I didn’t really care. I mean, I got it. But, I didn’t care

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How to become a Nostradamus of code (so you can get more IT jobs)

My wife and I have this game we play. Whenever we meet someone new, I always get some sort of impression about them. Like, maybe it’s a married couple and I’ll get the sense they’re really unhappy and will get divorced soon. Or maybe they’re pregnant, but haven’t told anyone. Or, sometimes it’s someone who is really nice and seems like a good dude, but I’m like, “Nah, he’s a dirtbag. I can tell.” It’s always something like that. And, then we wait and see… Whether I’m right or not. And, I nail it more often than not. Had a

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The simple secrets to high-paying freelance clients

What makes clients willing to pay $5,000, $10,000 even $20,000 and up for your services? Download and install my mobile app and I’ll show you. It’s free. Just click the button below:

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Lori Grant

John did an outstanding job on my project. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Chris Aitken

He significantly improved my site through his expert knowledge of PHP, CSS and Javascript. Would definitely recommend John to others.

Lewis Howes

John is amazing at building membership sites. He converted one of my sites over from it’s existing (hardly working) platform over to the clean and simple to use WishList membership platform. I highly recommend using John and WishList for any of your membership site needs.

Sukh Plaha

John is a fantastic and patient tutor, who is not just able to share knowledge and communicate it very effectively – but able to support one in applying it. However, I believe that John has a very rare ability to go further than just imparting knowledge and showing one how to apply it. He is able to innately provoke one’s curiosity when explaining and demonstrating concepts, to the extent that one can explore and unravel their own learning journey. Thanks very much John!

Steve Dimmick

Steve Dimmick

John has provided expert knowledge and advice on multiple occasions that have helped me better serve my clients. John is a Rockstar!

Daniel Mohlendick

On the Freelancing on Upwork course: “This is by far the best course i have watched on Skillshare!! Thank you so much.”

Bradley Smith

John and I have worked together on numerous projects. John is very quick and efficient and was a pleasure to work with.

Aaron Gott

Aaron Gott

John has a particular knack for the development and training of others.

Jason Rumley

Jason Rumley

John has a habit of over-delivering on the expectations he sets up. That’s why he’s the best.

Ray Edwards

I recommend John every chance I get. If every person I worked with were as committed to excellence, punctuality, value, and unquestionable integrity… the world would be a better place. Highest recommendation.

Bob Patterson

Not only is John a very talented programmer and developer, he is also an excellent communicator. He has a talent for taking complex subjects and communicating them in terms that anyone can understand. This is a rare combination. This ability has enabled me to take my skills and knowledge to the next level. Thank you John for for all that you do.

Michael Skye

Michael Skye

John is a man of integrity, who gives generously of himself to projects and people he cares about.