As the world crumbles, here’s your escape hatch

Grab your tin foil hat, again…

But, for real… I’m an optimist, but I sincerely think things are going to get worse before they get better. Just looking through these stories:

  • “We Were Left With Nothing”: Argentina’s Misery Deepens in the Pandemic
  • “Iran’s economy is closer than ever to collapse”, says expert
  • Two blocks from the Federal Reserve, a growing encampment of the homeless grips the economy’s most powerful person
  • China facing economic crisis
  • Economic Recovery After Covid: Scars Will Remain

Now, I know…

It’s the media… “if it bleeds, it leads”. But, the data, in this case, supports the narrative. Unemployment claims, for example, sit at 3.94M. That’s certainly down from the pandemic high, but still almost double pre-pandemic levels.

The number of hours small businesses are giving employees is still down 19.4% compared to before the pandemic. And while all that is happening, the products we buy are getting more expensive:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers rose 2.6 percent for the 12 months ending March 2021, the largest over-the-year increase since August 2018. Food prices advanced 3.5 percent over the past 12 months, while energy prices increased 13.2 percent over that period.”

Now, some scrub will inevitably email me and say something stupid like:

“Your scare tactics… waaaaaa!”

I sold my home and moved to rural Missouri. I bought 3.5 acres and built a home using all cash — no debt. I paid off my truck and every other chunk of debt I have except one student loan I have left.

I grow my own food.

We raise animals for food.

Soon, I’ll be on all solar power.

I’ve piled tens of thousands of dollars into stocks and crypto.

This ain’t some “marketing tactic”, homeslice. It’s what I believe. Now, you can call me “paranoid” or a “conspiracy theorist” or whatever the hell you want… I’ve heard it all. But when (not if) shyte hits the fan… cuz it always does.

We’ll see who’s crying on social media about their sitch…

And, who’s sipping a cold one on his deck.

In any case, I’m not all that concerned with the naysayers… I’m more interested in the people who already see it like I do. If that’s you, here’s the “escape plan” I wrote down for myself several years back.

It’s not some mind-bending thing…

But, it does provide clarity.

It also applies, in my (correct) opinion, whether there’s a pandemic or not. It’s also, my game plan for where I’ll be leading you, via my teaching, going forward. Anyway, with all that context, here it is:

  • Talent
  • Management
  • Freelancer
  • Consultant
  • Info-Publisher
  • Investor

To me, that is the optimum path for a “knowledge worker”. You start by focusing on your core talent and then gradually transition through different roles to maximize what you earn from that talent.

And, the path above provides the smoothest transition.

Leveraging each previous step to the max.

Now, I admit… for most of the people reading this… this won’t mean much. It’s not a “tactic” or a “trick”. It’s not some easy gimmick to make a gazillion smackers in 2 seconds. It’s for deeper thinkers.

But, for those select few…

It’s provides the thing you need most… clarity.

A game plan.

Anyway, just fair warning… this is where I’ll be going with my teaching for the forseeable future. I’ll be leading you through each phase… because I’ve done them all and hit the final “Investor” stage of things.

Which, for a trailer trash kid like I was growing up…

Seems pretty unfathomable.

In any case, as the list says… it all starts with talent and there’s two parts to that: 1) your core competency (web development, graphic design, etc) AND 2) your business-generating proficiency (getting clients, customers, etc).

It’s one of the reasons WHY I decided to start teaching cold email.

In my upcoming course, Freelance Feast, I’m going to show you 6 unique methods for getting clients, marketing your services, etc. And, laying that groundwork, I was reminded of the immediacy of cold email.

How quick and efficient it can be…

IF you do it right.

I also get several god-awful cold emails each and every day. The kind that are obvious, boring and completely out of touch. And so, I decided to raise the ante and show you people the right way to do it.

A way that actually works.

In any case, I’m not gonna spend a bunch of time “selling” you on it. By now, you either know you want to learn the method or not. If you do, it’s up on Skillshare for another 10 days or so.

After that, it IS coming down.

And I’ll sell it on my site for $100 or so.

So, if you want (or NEED) to save yourself some cash, then now is the time to jump on this. The course is available in Lessons 3 and 4 here:

If you’re a Skillshare member, that will take you right into the course. If not, it’ll trigger a 14-day trial of the platform which gives you “free” access to the course. There’s no obligation and you cancel at any point.

And, if you cancel before the 14 days is up…

You won’t pay a penny.

Few hoops to jump through, but might be worth it for you.

Anyway, link again is here:



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Aaron Gott

John has a particular knack for the development and training of others.

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Steve Dimmick

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Michael Skye

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Jim DeJonge

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Andrew Malone

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Jason Rumley

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