A clever way to earn up to 500/hour from a cheap add-on service

Was rapping with a student of mine about this.

Many moons ago, when I worked at the window factory… we had this guy come in. Old, grizzly manufacturing vet. And the company I worked for at the time was paying, I found out later, 5,000/hour for this guy — and he was there for three hours.

So, a swanky 15K for just 3 hours of work.

That’s some serious leverage.

Still time for money…

But, at that rate, it almost doesn’t matter.

Anyway, the guy didn’t DO anything while he was there. That was the weird thing. And the company was more than happy about it. In fact, they invited him back several times in the following months and years.

Anyway, it’s an extreme example.

But, it illustrates a simple add-on service you can offer…

That can generate huge hourly-rate equivalents.

500/hour is really just the beginning.

All for DOING nothing.

Even better, you can offer it as a cheap alternative to your full freelance service. So, clients feel like they’re getting a deal, but for you… you’re actually making more. And, again, they’ll be more than happy.

No promises, of course…

But, I reveal what it is in Lesson 5 of my new Ascension Matrix course.

And show you how this guy was able to charge such a large fee.

The course is currently up on Skillshare where you can get essentially-free access. That’s because, as a Skillshare teacher, I can give you access to an exclusive 1-month free trial of the site — where you get unfettered access to every course.

Including the Ascension Matrix.

You can take the course.

And any of the other 30,000 on the site.

And, if you cancel before the month is up, you don’t pay a penny.

Not a bad gig.

May be for you, may not.

But, either way, the link is here: https://myjohn.us/ascend



P.S. For patrons, you have complete access already… not only to this course, but every other course I’ve ever created (or will create). You can get access to the Ascension Matrix on my Patreon page here: https://myjohn.us/patreon

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Oliver Wainwright

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Xan Barksdale

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